Ellen: Ellie Kemper Barre Workout Trend & Acupuncture Nightmares


Ellen: Ellie Kemper Barre Method

The Office‘s Ellie Kemper shared her newest workout craze with Ellen. She called barre method a spiritual awakening. She often cries during the hour long class because it allows he to conquer her fears and release tension. It hasn’t changed her body, but she noticed she can focus more and “squeeze” her muscles in new ways.  She told Ellen she took dance at a young age, but she didn’t stick with it and isn’t very good at the barre exercise now.

Ellen: Acupuncture With Ellie Kemper

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Barre Workout Trend & Acupuncture Nightmares

Ellie Kemper told Ellen about her acupuncture nightmares and working out at the barre. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Kemper isn’t afraid to try new things. She said she went to the dermatologist and they suggested acupuncture for her breakout. Who know the chin is connected to the stomach? She went to a calm, gentle acupuncturist who told her she needed to stop drinking coffee.

“You have a lot of energy already and if you drink any more you will scare people,” Kemper relayed the woman’s message. She admitted that she is a very hyper person and has started drinking decaf coffee.

Kemper fell asleep when the acupuncturist left her alone for an hour. She proceeded to have the most fitful hour of sleep ever. She had horrible nightmare about the brakes in her car going out and safety bars on roller coasters not working.


Ellen said that she has had acupuncture before and they aren’t supposed to leave you alone that long.

Ellen: Working Out With Ellie Kemper

Ellen and Kemper tried out the Barre Method, which Ellen found to be completely ridiculous. It was basically a lot of bending and bouncing while squeezing all of your muscles.

Kemper told Ellen she has 12 days left of shooting The Office. She said it’s going to be a hard goodbye, but nine years was an amazing run for the show.


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