Ellen: Ellie Kemper ’21 Jump Street’ & Dancing In Heels


Ellen: Ellie Kemper Dancing in Heels

Jessica Simpson wasn’t the only one wearing heels on Ellen’s March 13 2012 show. Ellie Kemper bragged about her complicated heels, which she wore as she danced out onto Ellen’s stage.

She explained that she was practicing dancing in her heels before coming to the show. She was interrupted during her practice by a delivery from her mailman, and she said she felt like a stripper, answering her door in heels in the middle of the day.


“I’m practicing,” she told him. “I have to dance in these shoes later.”

Maybe Ellie will go Dancing With The Stars in the future, after her success in heels.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper 21 Jump Street

Actress Ellie Kemper told Ellen about her role in the new movie "21 Jump Street." (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Ellie Kemper 21 Jump Street

Ellie Kemper co-stars in the new movie 21 Jump Street, based on the ‘90s TV show.

Her co-stars, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, play high school classmates who decide to become undercover cops.

“I play a teacher who has a crush on Channing Tatum,” she said. “It was very difficult,” Ellie joked.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper High School

Ellie said sometimes she has trouble leaving her work on the set, and she worried that Channing’s real life wife might get jealous of her.

She also worked with high school students in the movie, and she said that experience made her think she was back in high school. Being around the popular girls made her just as nervous as she was back in her younger days, she said.

21 Jump Street opens in theaters March 16 2012.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper White Powder

With her career on the rise, Ellie is getting more attention when she is out in public. She said the extra scrutiny makes you more conscious of what you wear outside the house.

She said she wore some HD powder once during a visit to New York City, and ended up with an unflattering photo of herself with white powder on her nose. Ellen dug up several embarrassing shots of the actress.

“I know from being alive that you snort cocaine,” she said. “You don’t pour it on your nose, which is what I look like I did.”

She said it wasn’t until her Office co-star Craig Robinson tipped her off that she realized what had happened.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper 2012 Oscars

Ellen said she was glad Bridesmaids was nominated for an Oscar, and asked Ellie about her experience presenting an award with her co-stars at the ceremony.

“I just got shivers. That’s so lucky to have been able to have done that,” Ellie said.

She said that she did get upset with her fiance at the awards, because he was behind The Artist’s Jean Du Jardem, which meant he got more screen time during the telecast than she did. However, they decided against switching seats.

Ellie Kemper Dance Dares

Backstage, Ellie Kemper pulled off a few Dance Dares, secretly dancing behind members of Ellen’s staff. She even secretly danced behind Ellen’s mom, Betty DeGeneres.

Read about more Dance Dares.


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