Ellen: Ellen Pompeo Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 & Daughter Stella Luna


Ellen Architectural Digest Cover

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 star Ellen Pompeo joined Ellen and congratulated her for making the cover of Architectural Digest with her wife Portia de Rossi.

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Ellen: Ellen Pompeo Daughter Stella Luna

Ellen Pompeo Grey's Anatomy Season 8: Ellen

Ellen Pompeo talked with Ellen DeGeneres about Grey's Anatomy Season 8. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen asked about Pompeo‘s daughter Stella Luna.

“She just turned two,” Pompeo said. “We had a birthday party!”


Pompeo said she has to be careful what she says around her daughter.

“She repeats everything that I say,” Pompeo said. “So with a trucker mouth like mine…”

This moment seemed kind of funny because Pompeo doesn’t come off at as some one who would have a “trucker mouth.” Perhaps confirming that suspicion, she said, “I said sexy the other day and she started saying ‘sexy'” as though “sexy” were a bad word.

Pompeo said her daughter loves music.

“We were watching a Mariah Carey concert and you know Mariah is very entertaining because she’s out there in a bikini with glitter,” she said.

Ellen asked whether her daughter is singing yet.

“She’s just really getting the physical thing down,” she said. “I think holding the microphone, moving and singing is a little too much for her right now.”

“It’s too much for most people,” Ellen joked.

Ellen: Ellen Pompeo Grey’s Anatomy 8 Season Preview

Ellen asked about the eighth season of her hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Pompeo said that her character’s love interest, played by Patrick Dempsey, has become a bit of a jerk.

“He’s turned into McGrumpy and he’s very upset with me which is kind of fun,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo said that his character change is due to his frustrations with her character’s behavior. She said her character is starting to break all of the rules.

“Nothing like me in real life,” Pompeo said.

Ellen: Ellen Pompeo Husband Chris Ivery

Pompeo celebrated her fourth anniversary with husband Chris Ivery this year. She said that Chris always seems to disguise a basketball game as her anniversary present.

“Somehow that’s what I want, right?” she said. “Floor seats at a Laker‘s game.”

“What are you going to give him?” Ellen asked.

“I don’t know. I mean he’s got it all already baby!” Pompeo said and began shimmying back and forth to flaunt her breasts.

Ellen: Ellen Pompeo Cuisinart Blender

Before Pompeo left, Ellen gave her a Cuisinart blender studded with rhinestones and adorned with a smiling picture of Ellen‘s face.

She did this because Cuisinart has raised “over a quarter of a million dolalrs for breast cancer research.”


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