Ellen: Elizabeth Banks Couldn’t Use Bathroom During Hunger Games


Ellen: Actress Elizabeth Banks

How far would you go to get the attention of your favorite star? Actress Elizabeth Banks met a woman during her recent international press tour who wrote Elizabeth on her forehead in permanent marker.

Elizabeth Banks and her co-stars recently toured Europe to promote their new movie, The Hunger Games.


Ellen: Actress Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks talked with Ellen about her work in the new movie "The Hunger Games." (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: The Hunger Games Movie

Ellen DeGeneres said the projections are that The Hunger Games movie is expected to rake in $100 million during its opening weekend, eclipsing popular films like Twilight.

Elizabeth Banks said she read The Hunger Games books before taking on the role, and is a fan of the stories. She said she can identify with the passions of young fans. “I just love the energy and the passion of these young people, who fall in love with these novels the same way that I did,” she said.


About The Hunger Games

Ellen said she is about to start reading the first book, and everyone told her she won’t be able to put it down. Elizabeth explained that the stories are set in a dystopian future where America is ruled by a totalitarian regime.

Have you read The Hunger Games books? Are you planning to see the new movie?

The Hunger Games are a televised fight to the death between young people chosen by their communities. “It’s the ultimate reality show,” Elizabeth Banks explained of the story’s extreme premise. “It reminds me of ancient Rome.”

Elizabeth Banks: The Hunger Games

Elizabeth plays Effie in the movie, who is a government official tasked with preparing contestants for the Hunger Games. Her role required about three hours of hair and makeup every day. She said that her fingernails were bejeweled, which looked great but were completely impractical.

She couldn’t use her BlackBerry, unbutton a button, or even go to the bathroom without help. She told Ellen she had ladies in waiting who had to help her get unzipped and even hand her toilet paper while she was in costume.

That’s a pretty extreme commitment to the role, though if I were making Hollywood money, I’m sure I could endure the conditions, whatever they were.


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