Ellen: Eight Bystanders Lift Car To Save Trapped Biker


Ellen: Bystanders Lift Car To Save Biker

Ellen saw a video of eight people lifting a car in order to save a young man’s life. She was so inspired by the video that she invited each of those eight people onto her show.

Ellen: Heroes Save Trapped Biker

Ellen met heroes who saved Brandon, a biker, was trapped underneath a burning car. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


If you haven’t seen the footage of this heroic endeavor, you can watch it here: Eight Bystanders Lift Car To Save Trapped Biker.

Ellen Interviews Eight Heros

The eight people who lifted that car off of the trapped biker sat across from Ellen after she showed the video footage.

“When I saw this footage, I just couldn’t believe that you were able to lift the car and risk your lives,” Ellen said.


Several of them said that they thought for sure that the biker was dead. That seemed like a pretty logical assumption to make. He had been hit by a car while he was riding his motorcycle without a helmet. After the car hit him, he was pinned underneath the car. As if that weren’t enough, the car was on fire.

The young women among the eight, Kelsey, said she was the one who realized that the young man was still alive.

“I looked and I saw his face,” she said. “He was looking right at me.”

After Kelsey alerted the others that the man was alive, they all rushed to the vehicle and lifted it while other people pulled the young man from underneath the car.

Ellen: Victim In Satisfactory Condition

Ellen announced that, thanks to the efforts of those eight heros, the victim, Brandon, was in satisfactory condition. Most amazingly, he didn’t even have any sort of serious head injury. The worst of his injuries were a broken femur, a broken tibia, a fractured pelvis, and burns on his left foot.

Ellen showed a video of Brandon thanking those eight people for saving his life.

“I should have died several times but I didn’t for some reason,” he said. “It just makes life that much more precious to me.”


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