Ellen: Eddie Murphy ‘Tower Heist’ Review & Saturday Night Live


Eddie Murphy: Tower Heist & SNL

Eddie Murphy gave Ellen a Tower Heist review and then talked about why he hasn’t been back to Saturday Night Live since he left the show several decades ago.

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Tower Heist Review

Ellen shared a video clip from Eddie Murphy’s latest film, Tower Heist.


Ellen: Eddie Murphy Tower Heist

Eddie Murphy told Ellen that the general premise for "Tower Heist" was originally his idea. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

The video showed Eddie’s character, Slide, lecturing his crew of would-be criminals about how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. They were standing outside on the roof of a building in the frigid cold of winter. He handed bobby pins to each member of the crew and then stepped inside to lock the door.

“If you don’t unlock the door, you’re going to freeze to death!” Eddie said to his crew members to goad them. “Imma be inside having sex with Rita!”


Eddie told Ellen that the film’s premise was originally his idea.

“It’s about a bunch of disgruntled employees who’ve been ripped off by this dude and try to rip off one of his buildings,” Eddie said.

Ellen said she enjoyed seeing Eddie in the role, because it was more akin to the roles he did when he was younger.

“I’ve played so many roles as a dad in a suit over the last ten years,” Eddie said. “It was fun to play a real ‘streety’ dude.”

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live

Ellen asked Eddie Murphy if he has any plans to ever host Saturday Night Live. Eddie said he wouldn’t mind doing it now, but for a long time, he had no interest in hosting the show.

“It’s been 25 years since I’ve been back there,” he said.

Ellen asked why he’d been away from it for so long. Without elaborating, Eddie said that there were things that happened over the years that disgruntled him and made him say, “Hey–Fuck you! I ain’t going back!”

However, Eddie said that his frustration has subsided and he would consider doing the show now.

“Now I’m not tripping,” Eddie said. “It was years ago. That show is such a big part of my past.”


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