Ellen: Ed Helms in ‘Jeff, Who Lives At Home’


Ellen: Actor Ed Helms

What did actor Ed Helms call the best city on earth?

It’s New Orleans, Ellen’s hometown, where Ed shot his latest movie, Jeff, Who Lives At Home.


“I love your town. We had such an amazing time there,” he said. “The drinks are strong.”

Ellen: Actor Ed Helms

Actor Ed Helms has a love for Ellen's hometown of New Orleans, where he shot the new movie "Jeff, Who Lives At Home." (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

He listed some drinks he tried while there, including the Hurricane, the Hand Grenade, and Dark & Stormy. He did note that it’s hot and muggy in the region, though he grew up in Atlanta, so he’s used to the humidity.


Ellen: Jeff, Who Lives At Home New Movie

Ellen said this role is a departure for Ed. “I usually am kind of a jackass, and it’s gotten me fairly far,” he said. But in this new movie, he and co-star Jason Segel were encouraged to explore a more serious side.

“It’s incredibly exciting and I’m super proud of it,” he said, hoping that it expands audiences’ impressions of him as well as Jason Segel.

The movie was directed by New Orleans natives and brothers Mark & Jay Duplass.

Susan Sarandon co-stars in the film, which Ed described as “a poignant tale [of] a damaged family that gets kind of slightly back on track.”

The movie is in select theaters now.

Read Ellen’s Interview with Jason Segel.

Ellen & Ed Helms: Lifeguards

Now that he lives in LA, Ed Helms misses the warm nights of his youth in the South. He was a lifeguard in his younger days, at his local community pool. It was not a Baywatch situation, he explained, but involved more yelling at young kids.

Ellen said she was a lifeguard growing up in Texas, though she didn’t learn CPR or any other skills besides sitting on a chair.

“Can you twirl a whistle and yell?” Ed Helms asked Ellen. “Because that’s all you have to do.”

Ellen: Ed Helms Family Life

Ed Helms is known for his roles in the hit NBC comedy The Office and the recent popular The Hangover movies.

He said he has an older sister and brother, and grew up with a mom whom he described as a “health nut.” She wouldn’t let them eat sweet cereals, even banning Honey Nut Cheerios. Though he missed out on the sugary treats growing up, he credits the diet with building his physique.


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