Ellen: Ed Helms Arrested Development Season 4 Cameo, Hangover 3 Review


Ed Helms: The Hangover 3 Wraps Up Trilogy

Ed Helms and his Wolf Pack friends are back. The Hangover is making its epic conclusion this Mayand Ellen wondered how he is doing with the changes. The guys are all very good friends but they can be pretty mean.

Ellen showed a clip with Stu (Helms) and his pals, played by Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis, in a car on their latest adventure. He gives a very strained and strange smile.


Ellen: Ed Helms Arrested Development Season 4 Cameo, Hangover 3 Review

Ed Helms got emotional about the Hangover 3 and The Office Finale. You can catch him in the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix May 26. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“I have wonderfully large teeth, thank you very much,” Helms laughed. He said the guys know just how to push each other’s buttons and that was one of the scenes when Galifianakis took him too far. He said that he has been mortified by what he has to do on The Hangover, but he’s glad that he does it later because it’s hilarious.

The Hangover 3 felt like a good stopping point for the guys. “Three is the magic number,” Helms said. He is truly sad that it’s all over, because the group has become so close. He said that the final film wraps it all up so easily.


The Office Series Finale Gets Ed Helms Emotional

Ed Helms life is just a bucket of feelings this month. The day that Ellen talked to Helms was the finale of The Office, which was Helms’ springboard into the world of acting. He will forever remain my favorite man on The Office. Helms said that he was going straight from Ellen, to The Office wrap party. The cast planned to console each other as they watched the finale.

“I feel like I’m in denial,” Helms said.

Sleep Cycle App Review & Alarm System

If you have trouble sleeping, and you’re an iPhone nerd, you might be friends with Ed Helms. He found a sleeping app called Sleep Cycle that tracks your movement when you sleep. This then translates into how deep your sleep was.

Ellen brought up an excellent point. If you have a bed that is supposed to cancel out feeling of movement will the app work? Who knows.

Sleep Cycle app then wakes you up in 45 minutes around your original wake up time when you are in the lightest sleep. It’s meant to wake you up when you will be in a better mind set. Personally, I want to sleep until the last possible moment and not a second sooner or I might smash my alarm.

Ed Helms’ Cameo on Arrested Development Season Four

To add to the Arrested Development excitement, Ed Helms is coming back to the series for a cameo. He’s playing a new role, not the real estate agent that Portia de Rossi tried to have an affair with. That small role was actually one of Helms’ first acting jobs.

He said that the narration of Arrested Development is just so complex that it’s impossible to explain it clearly. Ellen agreed. Portia had a hard time explaining it to her while they were filming. You can catch all of the new season of Arrested Development this Sunday on Netflix.

Ed Helms & Ellen Fly Remote Controlled Helicopters

Never give Ellen a remote controlled helicopter. Even though Ed Helms thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I am preposterously good at this,” Helms said. He was very good at keeping the helicopter away from people’s eyes and faces. Ellen on the other hand was dangerous.

“Ellen, you’re a loose canon,” “You’re a danger to yourself and others.”

She ended up send the remote controlled helicopter at her audience more than once. Stay out of the way if Ellen has a flying object.


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