Ellen: Drew Brees Super Bowl Prediction & Brees Dream Foundation


Drew Brees & Wife Brittany Surprise Ellen

At first, Ellen chatted with Drew Brees and his wife Brittany via live video chat, but then Drew had a surprise for her.

“You surprised us,” he said, referring to Ellen’s recent visit to the New Orleans Saints’ training facility, “So we’ve got to surprise you.”


“We want to come say hi,” Brittany said.

Ellen: Drew Brees Super Bowl & Brees Dream Foundation

Drew Brees said that if Ellen predicts that the New Orleans Saints will make it to the Super Bowl, then it's pretty much a sure thing. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Right after that, Brittany and Drew walked onstage. Obviously, it wasn’t a real surprise. Ellen knew all along that they were offstage and would be walking onstage. But nevertheless, the charade was kind of cute.


Ellen Predicts Drew Brees To Take Saints To Super Bowl

Ellen started putting some pressure on Drew to get his team to the Super Bowl this year.

“You’re an amazing quarterback, so I’m expecting that you’re going to go to the Super Bowl this year,” she said.

“I think if you predicted it, then it’s pretty much a lock,” Drew said.

Ellen: Drew Brees & New Orleans Saints Linemen

Ellen told Drew that he needs to be tough with his linemen.

“Tell those guys to protect you!” she said.

“They do a great job,” Drew said. “Occasionally there’s one that gets through.”

Ellen: Drew Brees’ Children

Ellen asked Drew and Brittany how their three sons, Baylen, Bowen, and Callen, are doing. They said their sons are doing well.

“You want them to play football, right?” Ellen asked Drew.

Surprisingly, Drew was very open to the idea of his children not playing football.

“Baylen is more of a musician right now,” Drew said.

Drew said he and Baylen share a birthday and that this year, when he asked Baylen what kind of birthday cake he wanted, all Baylen could think about were musical instruments.

“He said he’d like a guitar birthday cake and he’d like for me to have a trumpet birthday cake,” Drew said.

Ellen: Drew Brees Dream Foundation

Ellen commended Drew and Brittany for the work they’ve done through their charity organization, The Brees Dream Foundation.

“You two do such good work,” Ellen said. “I can’t thank you enough.”

Brittany said that they came up with the idea for the foundation while they were on their honeymoon and it’s grown a lot since then.

“We’re quickly approaching $10 million, either raised or committed,” Drew said.

Drew said that the foundation is the part of his career that he’s most proud of.

“As much pride as I know I take on the field, I take more pride in what we’re able to do with our foundation,” he said.


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