Ellen: Does Clean Freak Eddie Murphy Shower Five Times a Day?


Ellen Chats With Eddie Murphy About Rumors And Standup Comedy

Ellen got a chance to clear up some Eddie Murphy rumors and to hear about his start as a standup comedian. Does clean freak Eddie Murphy shower five times a day?

Ellen: Eddie Murphy’s Start In Standup

Ellen: Clean Freak Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy told Ellen that despite the rumors, he doesn't own a private island. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen asked Eddie Murphy how he got started in standup comedy and who his first comedic impressions were based on.

Eddie said he started when he was only 15 years old. He said his first impressions were of popular people of the time, such as Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Carter.

“Did anyone ever get mad at you when you were doing impressions of them?” Ellen asked.


Eddie said he heard a rumor once about Jackie Gleason being upset with him.

“Supposedly Gleason heard it and wrote me a note that said, ‘Murphy, STOP! –Gleason,'” Eddie said.

Eddie said that as amusing as the rumor was, it wasn’t true. He said that if Jackie Gleason wrote him a note like that, he would have hung it on his wall.

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Rumors

Ellen said that since Eddie Murphy doesn’t make a lot of public appearances, there are a lot of rumors about him. She asked him to take a moment to clear up some of the more notorious ones.

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Private Island?

Ellen said that she had heard a rumor that Eddie Murphy owns his own island in the Caribbean.

Eddie said that rumor is false and it’s being spread by a boat tour in the Bahamas.

“On the tour they always tell people, ‘That island is Eddie Murphy’s!'” he said. “I have no island.”

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Has No Computer Or Email Address

Ellen said she’d heard another rumor that Eddie has no computer and doesn’t use email.

Amazingly, Eddie said that rumor is true!

In fact, Eddie said he didn’t even have a cell phone until after his divorce in 2006.

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Doesn’t Drink

Ellen said that another rumor she had heard was that Eddie Murphy doesn’t drink.

Again, amazingly, Eddie said that’s entirely true. He said he’d only been drunk twice in his life. The first time was on his honeymoon and the second time was after a fight that upset him.

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Is A Clean Freak

The final rumor that Ellen said she had heard was that Eddie Murphy is a clean freak.

Eddie seemed apprehensive of that description.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a clean freak,” he said. “But I like things clean.”

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Showers More Than Once a Day

“Someone said you shower four or five times a day,” Ellen said.

Eddie said that he definitely doesn’t shower five times a day. He said if it’s a really nasty day, he might shower a few times.

Perhaps this is just me, but I’d say that anyone who showers more than once a day is definitely a “clean freak.”



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