Ellen: Did Kellan Lutz Propose On Valentines Day? & Tarzan Reboot


Ellen: Kellan Lutz

Ellen: Did Kellan Lutz Propose On Valentines Day? & Tarzan Reboot

Kellan Lutz previewed his Tarzan moves for Ellen in a brand-new loin cloth. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Kellan Lutz is human once more and back to his natural blonde after playing the hunky vampire Emmett in TwilightWith the Twilight series officially at an end, the final DVD of the series is out and in the hands of Twi-hards everywhere. Lutz had to hang up his fangs and super strength for a while as he takes a quick break before heading back to the silver screen.


One thing he cannot hide: his rippling abs. It’s not like he was wearing a skin tight outfit, but his physique was highly noticeable beneath his dress shirt. Unfortunately, he was beat out for the “Ellen Underwear Model Contest.”

Ellen: What To Do In Australia

Ellen heads to Australia in just a few days and she has asked the advice of everyone she knows. Lutz’s girlfriend is from Australia and he’s been with her many times. He likes to visit animal reserves and play with the baby kangaroos. Ellen asked his advice on what to do in Australia.

Lutz recommended taking a boat ride so that you can see the Sydney Opera House from the water. He said he is terrible at driving, but recommended that Ellen give it a go. He also loves to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, which is slowly shrinking.


Ellen: Kellan Lutz’s Girlfriend

Lutz said he did Valentine’s Day right with his Aussie girlfriend. He said it was so romantic she asked him at the end if he was going to propose. He now fears he has set the bar a little high if they reach that point in the relationship.

Ellen: Tarzan Reboot

If I had to pick one man to play Tarzan, I believe I would actually pick Kellan Lutz. His obviously got the body and he’s still limber from his stunts in Twilight. Lutz thought he didn’t stand a chance, but he put on a wig and his Ellen Underwear to audition. He had to wrestle a blow up alligator in the audition, which Ellen cautioned him over.

Ellen gifted Lutz a fantastic silk Ellen loincloth, the first of its kind. It had Ellen’s face on the front and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Lutz loved the gift and gave us a preview of his Tarzan moves. He has my seal of approval. The film will come out late 2013/early 2014.


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