Ellen: Diane Keaton Loves Rap Music & Frank Ocean & The Big Wedding


Ellen: Diane Keaton Drinks Red Wine With Ice

Diane Keaton was on Ellen today and she was super nervous about being on the talk show. Apparently she does not do very well in front of an audience. Anyways, to help her calm her nerves, Ellen brought her out a wine glass, a wine bottle and some ice but they forgot to open the wine bottle. Thankfully the women Ellen gave the wine purse to hadn’t drank the whole thing.

Keaton poured herself a glass and said she likes to drink wine with ice because “you can drink eight glasses and not get alcohol poisoning.” But Keaton was a bit nervous to drink. She thought Ellen was going to get in trouble for her drinking on the show.


Ellen: Diane Keaton Loves Rap Music

Ellen: Diane Keaton Loves Rap Music & Frank Ocean & The Big Wedding

Ellen sat down with Diane Keaton to talk about her role in the new movie The Big Wedding, her urge to get married and how much she loves rap music. (image credit: Featureflash, Shutterstock.com)

Diane Keaton told Ellen she is a huge fan of rap. Some of her favorite artists include Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Kanye West. She said every time she listens to “Made In America” or “There Will Be Tears,” she is moved by how powerful the songs are.

Ellen: Diane Keaton House Review

Diane Keaton is not only an actress and style icon, she is also an accomplished author. Her newest book is called House. It looks at the type of architecture from around America, from modern homes to turn of the century mansions, Keaton visited them all and took some breathtaking photos of the homes.


Ellen: First Wives Club Will Not Have a Sequel

There have been rumors of a First Wives Club sequel but Diane Keaton said it is not going to happen. She wishes it would happen, saying she had a lot of fun making the movie, but she has not heard anything from the studio about making a sequel.

Diane Keaton Drunk On Ellen

Diane Keaton seemed a little drunk on Ellen today but not in a bad way. She was having so much fun she might have just been so excited to be on Ellen she seemed drunk. Either way, when she tried to describe her role in the new movie, The Big Wedding, all she could get out in between laughing was that the movie is “fun.”

In the movie, Keaton’s character is dumped for Susan Sarandon’s character and to cope with the blow to her ego she tries out some new bedroom tricks. While Keaton wanted to try and explain her character, it seems she doesn’t do too much in the movie besides the love making. I don’t think Keaton had enough time to fully talk about her character between all her laughing though.

“You are going to jail for profanity and public drunkenness,” joked Ellen as Keaton tried to explain her character in the movie.

After trying to describe the movie, Keaton simply said she was glad the movie was over because it was too weird for her to think about everything that is talked about in the movie.

“I think I’ve ruined my whole life right now,” said Keaton near the end of her interview with Ellen.

Ellen: Diane Keaton Punches Robert De Niro

It does sound like she had some fun with the movie. She got to punch Robert De Niro in the face, which she seemed to love doing. She also seemed to love getting a kiss from him on screen.

“I enjoy the kissing of the men,” she said smiling. “I was normal until I came on this show.”

Ellen: Diane Keaton Does Want To Get Married

Keaton pointed out she has been in three wedding movies throughout her career but she has never been married herself. When Ellen said she had always thought Keaton didn’t want to get married, Keaton said that was not true. She is dying to get married and has always wanted to be married, but no one ever asked her.

“I don’t think anyone is going to ask me now, after this show,” Keaton said.

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