Ellen: Diane Keaton Then Again Paperback Review & Hat Fashions


Ellen: Diane Keaton’s Hats

She’s worn many hats over her four decades in the movies, and Diane Keaton even wore a hat for her chat with Ellen DeGeneres.

Diane Keaton said she is self-conscious about her appearance and has trouble taking compliments, even though Ellen and the audience agreed she looked great. Diane asked for an honest opinion of her hat.


Ellen: Diane Keaton Hats

Diane Keaton loves to wear hats, but Ellen did admit that they sometimes make her look Amish. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“I’m the only person in the world who wears this hat,” she said. “I don’t understand why I can’t sell it. No one ever wears it, and I’m beginning to think I’m odd.”

Ellen said it’s great that Diane is unique and blazes her own trail. But the host admitted that her guest looked “a little Amish…in a good way.”


Diane said that a hat can frame your face, which can help you hide any flaws that you’re anxious about. Ellen disagreed, saying a ski mask would more effectively cover the face. Suddenly the conversation took an unexpected and brief turn toward S&M, when I guess Diane Keaton got confused about the definition of a ski mask.

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Ellen: Diane Keaton Then Again Review

Diane Keaton’s memoir, Then Again, is now available in paperback. Ellen said she loved the book, which was a big seller in 2011.

The book deals with Diane Keaton’s life and family relationships, particularly with her mother.

“After processing it and backing away from it, are there things that you have learned from writing that book?” Ellen asked.

Diane Keaton said her editor forced her to write an afterword for the paperback edition. “The afterword made me think about how the whole experience went for me,” she said. “And it made me think, of course, about love.”

She said that we have many different types of love in our lives, “and I honestly believe that in a certain sense, we as a species are saved by love.”

Diane explored her thoughts about love and the perspectives on the topic that she got from a variety of sources. She, like Ellen, is a big animal lover, which is one of the many ways she has love in her life.

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Ellen: Darling Companion Rescue Dog

Diane Keaton said she loved working with rescue animals on her latest movie, Darling Companion. She explained that a dog named Casey plays a dog named Freeway in the film.

She recalled rescuing multiple dogs throughout her life. Casey was discovered abandoned in the desert and went on to co-star in the movie.


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