Ellen: Diane Keaton Kissing Hollywood Men, And So It Goes & New Book


Ellen: Diane Keaton Drinking

Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton came on Ellen to talk about her new movie and new book. She seemed a bit confused when she first came out onto the stage. Ellen asked her why and she said she’d had some drinks before the start of the show. So Ellen brought out some more wine to drink.

Ellen: Diane Keaton Kissing Hollywood Men, And So It Goes & New Book

Diane Keaton came by Ellen to talk about her new movie And So It Goes, kissing Hollywood men, and her new book Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Diane Keaton drinks red wine on ice and Ellen said that bartenders are calling that drink the Keaton now. As Ellen poured the wine, Diane Keaton said, “No more because we don’t Diane to be weird.”

“You’ve already called yourself Diane so now it’s already weird,” Ellen joked. Ellen challenged her to down the wine, but she only took a sip.

Ellen: Diane Keaton Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty

Diane Keaton said that Ellen was beautiful. That’s when Ellen said she must be drunk. Diane Keaton has a new book out called Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty and she mentions Ellen in the book. The new book focuses on her being a style icon and the course of her career.


In the new book, Diane Keaton talks about the importance of dressing in your own style. Diane Keaton said she’s always been in love with Cary Grant. She said she felt she was living in black and white from an early age.

Ellen: Diane Keaton Finding Dory

Ellen is finally making the sequel to Finding Nemowhich is called Finding Dory. Diane Keaton plays Ellen’s mother in the film. They both have the trouble with memory that Dory had in the first film. Then the two of them joked about memory in a very Who’s On First sort of way. Diane Keaton has started working on the voice work, but she hasn’t yet worked alongside Ellen. Then, she said, “You’re a fish, though, right? I play the fish, too?” she asked. Then Ellen asked her if she even saw the first one.

Ellen: Diane Keaton Kissing Hollywood Men

Diane Keaton is starring in the new movie And So It Goes alongside Michael Douglas. The last time she was on Ellen, she told Ellen she loved kissing the men in her movies. She said that she liked kissing Michael Douglas, too. Ellen wondered if she’d kissed him before. “Never. Never even touched Michael. Never even met him!” she said. Then she said that she wants to be the woman who has kissed the most men on film. She was thinking 50 total kisses. She had a little piece of paper with the number of men she’s kissed so far. She’s only kissed 18 so far. She’s kissed a lot of leading Hollywood men, though, including Morgan Freeman, Woody Allen, Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Kline.

Ellen: Diane Keaton New Book

Diane Keaton said her new book is for “all those women who can’t get to right without being wrong.” She said that the woman is about women who laugh things off and find their own voice, style, and independence. It’s to help inspire women to find their own path.


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