Ellen: Denzel Washington ‘Safe House’ Review


Ellen: Denzel Washington

Ellen interviewed the celebrated actor Denzel Washington about his new film Safe House, in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Ellen: Safe House Review

Denzel Washington Safe House: Ellen

Denzel Washington told Ellen that he did the waterboarding scenes in Safe House. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen asked Denzel about his new film, Safe House.

“I play a sociopath, an ex-CIA guy who’s become a traitor,” Denzel said. “Ryan Reynolds is a young CIA guy and they bring me his safe house where he’s waiting. And we’re chased the rest of the movie.”

Ellen: Safe House Video Clips

Then Ellen shared two video clips from the film with her audience.


The first clip was of Denzel’s character, Tobin Frost, being interrogated by Ryan Reynolds’ character, Matt Weston. Weston expresses doubt in what Frost is telling him and Frost says, “After a while, even the truth sounds like a lie.”

The second clip was of Frost and Weston driving frantically. Frost was in the backseat and trying to choke Weston with his handcuffs.

Denzel explained the context of that scene.

“I’m handcuffed [in the trunk] and I cut the back out of the trunk,” he said. “I kick it open and I jump out and I try to put the handcuff chain around the neck to choke him to death.

Ellen: Denzel Washington Injured During Safe House Filming

Ellen said she heard Denzel got hurt during the filming of the latter scene. Denzel explained that while he was trying to choke Ryan with the chain of his handcuffs, Ryan’s head was jolted backward by the car and it hit Denzel square in the eye.

“We were doing some wild stunts,” Denzel said.

Ellen: Denzel Washington Waterboarding

Some of the stunts Denzel said he did himself, citing specifically a scene in which Frost is tortured with waterboarding.

Ellen: Denzel Washington Considering Comedy

Ellen was amazed that Denzel agreed to real water boarding and asked him, “Do you ever think to yourself, ‘I’m just going to do a nice comedy?'”

To her surprise, Denzel was considering a comedy for one of his next films.

“I’m reading a script right now that might be my first comedy,” he said. “It’s kind of a buddy film.”


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