Ellen: Dennis Quaid “Vegas” and Hidden Camera Prank


Dennis Quaid: “Dennis Quaid Is Here!” Prank

One of Ellen’s favorite guests is actor Dennis Quaid, who is not just a talented thespian, but pulls off some of the best Ellen hidden camera pranks! When he returned to Ellen for the first time in a year-and-a-half, Ellen said that she was afraid she had scared him off with all of the pranks. Dennis said that actually, he loves doing them, and so do fans. Everywhere he goes, Dennis hears his infamous “Dennis Quaid is here!” line from a prank he had done for Ellen at a coffee shop. He even gets asked to sign autographs “Dennis Quaid was here.”

Dennis Quaid: Twins and Son Jack Quaid

Ellen: Dennis Quaid "Vegas" and Hidden Camera Prank

Ellen put actor Dennis Quaid up to a brand new hidden camera prank. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Dennis has two adorable twins who are now almost five years old and in pre-school. His other child, son Jack, is twenty years old and has just begun his own acting career. Dennis said that Jack was always “a natural talent” as an actor. Jack’s mom is Meg Ryan, so acting is simply in his genes!

Most recently, Jack made his film debut in the blockbuster film The Hunger Games. He portrayed “career” tribute Marvel, one of the participants of the Games. Dennis is very proud of him, and says that his son chose to start his career on his own, with no help from his famous parents. Next up, Jack will film a starring role alongside Annette Bening.

Dennis Quaid: “Vegas” Series Premiere

Dennis’s latest project is Vegas, a brand new series on CBS. The series is set in 1960s Nevada, during the time when Las Vegas was being built into the grand city it is today. In 1960, however, it was just a small, rural town of about 15,000 people. The series pits Nevada cowboys against the new mobsters who come into town. Dennis portrays the real-life Sheriff Ralph Lamb, while Michael Chiklis plays an ambitious gangster.


In Santa Clarita, California, the Las Vegas strip of the 1960s has been completely recreated in convincing fashion. Ellen said the show has a very realistic feel.

Dennis Quaid: Hidden Camera Prank

Of course, Ellen couldn’t let Dennis go without putting him to the task of a brand new prank. This time, Dennis wore an ear piece and was fed lines from Ellen while he received a manicure/pedicure. The poor, unsuspecting nail technicians were very nice, and must have thought Dennis was such a jerk! He spoke in the third person, bit right into a big, juicy tomato, and asked them to teach him Vietnamese. Finally, Ellen gave up the prank; but I still don’t think they got it!


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