Ellen: Dennis Quaid Pranks Nurse, Door-to-Door Salesman & At Any Price


Ellen: Dennis Quaid Hidden Camera Prank

Ellen invited Dennis Quaid on her show today and of course they had to prank someone. She sent Quaid into his dressing room with an ear piece and called in a nurse to check on the sick Quaid.

When the nurse, Spring, arrived, he told her he was feeling sick and told her to look at his tongue and into his eyes. He then proceeded to tell her he felt fine as he stared into her eyes from about one inch away from her face.


He then told the nurse his biggest concern for his heath is the fact that he thinks he is shrinking and he really wants to be able to touch his toes, which he can’t. Ellen even made him jump on one foot for as long as he could and the nurse had to count. They got into some more shenanigans while pranking the nurse. You can see the entire hilarious prank in the video below.

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Dennis Quaid Door-To-Door Salesman

You would think Ellen knows everything about Dennis Quaid since he has been on the show so many times, but today she learned he used to be a door-to-door salesman before he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.


Quaid said he was a door-to-door salesman for Fuller Brush and he would go from house to house in Texas trying to sell different brushes, but it was tough. Quaid said it was one of the worst jobs he has ever had. He even had to use an English accent to reel in his customers, but it must not have worked well because he was only working for the company for a week or so before he quit.

Ellen: Dennis Quaid Pranks Nurse, Door-to-Door Salesman & At Any Price

Dennis Quaid stopped by Ellen to talk about his role in At Any Price, he told Ellen he used to be a door-to-door salesman and Ellen sent him to prank a nurse. (image credit: Albert H. Teich,  Shutterstock.com)

His next job wasn’t any better either. He became a door-to-door salesman for a company that sold encyclopedias. Luckily, that only lasted about a week as well.

“It’s a sad story,” said Quaid as he rubbed an imaginary tear from his eye.

Dennis Quaid At Any Price Review

Dennis Quaid’s newest movie, At Any Price, opened today in select theaters around the country and Ellen highly recommended everyone find one of those theaters as soon as possible.

Quaid said the movie is not your typical farm movie. He said he plays the role of a farmer who is not the most likeable guy. He said the first time you meet his character in the film, he is trying to buy land at a funeral from the family of the deceased. He buys the farm for his son, played by Zac Efron, but his son doesn’t want to be a farmer. All he wants from life is to chase girls and race cars.

Both Ellen and Quaid said the movie takes some unexpected twists and turns that really make the movie a hit.

Dennis Quaid Got At Any Price Role Because Of Ellen

Dennis Quaid has Ellen to thank for getting him the role in At Any Price. He told her the director of the film, Ramin Bahrani, has seen every single one of his movies and when he was making a decision as to who he wanted to cast in the movie, he made sure to check YouTube for anything he hadn’t seen with Quaid in it. It just so happened the first thing he found was a video of Dennis Quaid pranking people on Ellen.

Quaid was nice enough to give Ellen 10 percent of his salary from the movie…about $20.


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