Ellen: Dennis Quaid Hidden Camera Prank With Tailor & Working As Clown


Ellen: Dennis Quaid Is Here

Who doesn’t love Dennis Quaid and Ellen together? He walked out and flashed the waist band of his Ellen underwear. He said he has entire drawers full of Ellen underwear at home.

Ellen: Dennis Quaid Clown Work

Ellen: Dennis Quaid Hidden Camera Prank With Tailor & Working As Clown

Dennis Quaid appeared on Ellen to do another hilarious hidden camera prank. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


For three summers in Houston, Texas, Quaid worked as an amusement park clown. He said it was hard in the heat and humidity of Texas to keep his clown makeup on. He would have kids run up and kick him when he was a clown.

“It’s clown season.” Quaid said.

The worst part was that Quaid is afraid of clowns.


Ellen: Dennis Quaid Montana Ranch 

Quaid owns a ranch in Montana and all of the animals that come with it. He’s had moose, deer, raccoons and more running around his home. The Quaids even had a bear in their home! They found the bear on their dining room table eating honey. He said there’s not much of a difference in bears.

“A black bear will kill you and a grizzly will eat a little bit of you, then kill you.” Dennis said.

On VegasQuaid gets to ride his own horse. He said it gets paid for it’s acting work.

Ellen: Dennis Quaid Hidden Camera Prank

Ellen pulled another hidden camera prank with Dennis Quaid. She sent him to an office and had a tailor come in to measure him for a new suit. Here are the highlights:

  • “Dennis Quaid needs a new suit!” Ellen had Quaid shake hands with the tailor until she told him to stop. It reached awkward length. 
  • Quaid shook his fist in the air and shouted his anger at his older tailor, “I’m still mad at you, Angelo!”
  • “Know who else is a tailor? Taylor Swift! Dennis Quaid loves jokes!”
  • Quaid had the tailor close his eyes and envision him in a new suit. He said he would need a wrinkle-free fabric so he could skip, walk on his tip toes and hop like a bunny in comfort.
  • “Can I tell you a secret? I’m toning my buns right now!”
  • “Dennis Quaid needs a lot of pockets. Pockets for his gum, wallet, money…can you put a pocket inside a pocket?…pocket is a funny word!” Quaid proceeded to repeat “pocket.”

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