Ellen: Demi Lovato + The Vamps Perform “Somebody to You” & Skin Care


Ellen: Demi Lovato & The Vamps “Somebody to You” Performance

International pop star Demi Lovato and popular British band The Vamps teamed up to perform their hit “Somebody to You” on Ellen. It was a spirited, great performance, with all four members of The Vamps giving it everything they had. They even had a nice introduction of Demi Lovato when she came out.

Ellen: Demi Lovato + The Vamps Perform "Somebody to You" & Skin Care

Demi Lovato teamed up with The Vamps to perform their hit “Somebody to You” and talked with Ellen about her new skin care line Devonne by Demi. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)


It was actually kind of cool how seamlessly Demi Lovato fit in with the guys of The Vamps. This song sounds so cool I kind of wish Demi Lovato would abandon her solo career and join The Vamps. I’ve never heard of The Vamps or heard this song before, but I’ve never really been a fan of Demi Lovato’s. This song was so cool and catchy. It was hard not to immediately bob my head the second I first started listening.

Ellen TV: Demi Lovato Engaged to a 5-Year-Old

Demi Lovato then sat down with Ellen to tell her about a recent marriage proposal. Demi announced that she was engaged, but her fiance is 5. The little boy proposed to her at a concert on stage and gave her a little ring made out of pipe cleaners and a green fuzzy ball. Demi said yes in front of the audience. The little boy knew all the words to her songs and is very smart.

Ellen: Demi Lovato Lucille Ball

Demi Lovato went to a Halloween party at Jennifer Lopez’s house and she went as Lucille Ball. Her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama went as Desi.


Ellen TV: Demi Lovato Skin Care Line

Demi Lovato made a skin care line because she’s very passionate about taking care of yourself. When she was a little girl, she would make facial masks and scrubs in her kitchen. Her skin care line is called Devonne by Demi and you can order it now. A portion of the proceeds go toward helping men and women who suffer from mental illness through her charity.


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