Ellen DeGeneres Vs Julianne Moore Guesstures Charades Game


Ellen: Julianne Moore Guesstures

Ellen DeGeneres took on actress Julianne Moore in a game of Guesstures. To help them compete, audience members Lauren and Jenny joined their teams.

The game of Guesstures is like charades, and one person has to act out words for their teammate to guess. Ellen explained that, in keeping with the political theme of Julianne’s new HBO movie Game Change, today’s Guesstures words all had to do with political campaigns.


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Ellen Vs Julianne Moore Guesstures

Ellen DeGeneres faced off against actress Julianne Moore in a round of the Guesstures charades game. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen Vs Julianne Moore: Guesstures Round 1

Ellen and Lauren teamed up for the first round. She and Lauren had to guess all four words to win, and there was a short time limit.

  • The first word was Secret Service, and Ellen tried to mimic the earpiece and microphone that agents wear in the movies. Lauren couldn’t come up with the word.
  • Next was Kissing Babies, which Lauren got right away.
  • Ditto for Cameras, which Lauren nailed on the first guess.
  • The final word was Flag Waving, and thanks to Ellen’s pantomime, the team got three out of four.

Guesstures Round 2: Julianne Moore Vs Ellen

In round 2, Julianne Moore and audience member Jenny tried to beat their opponents’ score.

  • Their first word was Speech, which Julianne and Jenny came up with just as time was running out.
  • The second word was Protestors, and Julianne struggled to act it out.
  • Shaking Hands, the third word, they tackled well.
  • The last word, Reporters, was a struggle, so the team came up short.

Guesstures Face Off Results

Ellen said Guesstures was a hard game. For participating, she gave Lauren and Jenny each a BlackBerry Playbook to take home. They were excited about the prize; perhaps having learned from Playing Sorry Spin earlier in the show, Ellen did not ask the ladies where they worked.

Game Change HBO Movie Premiere

Ellen said that Julianne Moore’s new movie, Game Change, will premiere Saturday, March 10, 2012, on HBO. Are you planning to check out this movie?

She predicted that Julianne Moore will win an Emmy for her portrayal of Sarah Palin. We’ll have to see if Ellen’s prediction comes true at the Emmys in the fall.


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