Ellen DeGeneres Vs Emily Blunt Mini Golf Challenge


Ellen: Emily Blunt Loves Golf Carts & Beer

Ellen DeGeneres challenged her guest Emily Blunt to three holes of mini golf on her talk show. Emily Blunt stars with Jason Segel in The Five Year Engagement, in theaters April 27 2012.

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Emily Blunt said she has really gotten into golf recently, because she enjoys zipping around the course in a golf cart and sipping beer. “That’s probably why I think I’m so good,” she said. “I’ve just had a couple of beers.”

Ellen Vs Emily Blunt Golf

Actress Emily Blunt bravely faced off against Ellen in a mini golf challenge, even though the actress only enjoys golf for the carts and beer. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen loves to compete, but she hates to lose, and Emily noted that the host has a history of a competitive streak. Read about Ellen’s Jenga Controversy.


Ellen drove Emily in a golf cart across the stage while the actress enjoyed a Michelob Light, scoffing at the option between regular and non-alcoholic beer.

Ellen Vs Emily Blunt Mini Golf Bet

The first mini golf hole featured a swinging wooden block as well as a sand trap. Emily’s two shots failed to wind up in the hole, but she said if she wins, Ellen and Portia should could dinner for Emily and her husband, John Krasinski. The joke may be on Emily either way, because Ellen claimed that she and Portia can’t cook.

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Ellen nearly got a hole in one on her first shot, but didn’t make the target with either of her two attempts. Then they backed the golf cart up to the second hole.

Ellen went first on hole #2, and her second ball landed in the hole. Emily didn’t have much more luck at her second hole than the first one.

Ellen Vs Emily Blunt Golf Results

The pair backed up as Emily enjoyed some more beer, revealing a British phrase about lightweights: “Two sips and I’m anyone’s,” she said.

This final hole was a classic mini golf loop, and Ellen predicted that she would be the winner of the competition. Though Ellen’s shot was too powerful and ended up skittering across the stage, Emily conceded defeat. Let’s hope she lets an Ellen camera crew come along to the victory dinner.


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