Ellen DeGeneres Vs Christian Slater: 1980s Celebrity Game


Ellen: Christian Slater Breaking In

Christian Slater explained that his sitcom, Breaking In, returns for a second season on March 6, 2012, on Fox. The show airs Tuesday nights.

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He called his new co-star, Megan Mullally, a genius. She is the new boss, giving everyone in the office a hard time. He said the show is a lot of fun, referring to it as “one of the times of my life.”

Ellen Vs Christian Slater: Celebrity

Ellen faced off against Christian Slater in a game of 1980s themed Celebrity. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

Christian Slater Celebrity ‘80s Edition Game

Ellen asked Christian Slater to play a game with her, called Celebrity ‘80s Edition. She would hold up pictures of famous people from the 1980s, and Christian was supposed to try to get her to guess their names without her seeing the pictures.


Here are the clues he gave Ellen:

  • Rob Lowe – Christian mentioned the actor’s roles in St. Elmo’s Fire and The West Wing, but it took Ellen a few extra seconds to get it, first guessing Charlie Sheen.
  • Michael J. Fox – Christian couldn’t remember the ‘80s sitcom he starred in (Family Ties), so instead he went with Back to the Future.
  • Demi Moore – Christian had trouble thinking of the actress’s roles, so instead he mentioned her recent marriage to (and impending divorce from) “Ashton what’s-his-face.”
  • Matthew BroderickFerris Bueller was all it took.
  • Charlie Sheen – “The guy you mentioned first,” Christian said.

Ellen DeGeneres Vs Christian Slater: Celebrity Game

Ellen had to get Christian to guess more than five celebrities to win the game.

Here are the clues she gave Christian:

  • Patrick Swayze – Ellen sang a few bars of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”
  • Molly Ringwald – Ellen recalled the ‘80s film Pretty In Pink.
  • Don Johnson – In the ‘80s, he was in Miami Vice.
  • Judd Nelson – Ellen mentioned St. Elmo’s Fire once again.
  • Madonna – The cone bras helped Christian guess this one.
  • Tom Selleck – Ellen said he is known for his thick mustache.
  • John Cusak – Ellen held up her arms to recreate the iconic scene from Say Anything, but she ran out of time.

That means Christian Slater won the game, according to Ellen. I’m not sure how you can tell who won, but I think she may have counted wrong. Who do you think gave the best clues? Do you like to play Celebrity when you get your friends together for a party?


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