Ellen DeGeneres Vs Adam Levine Golf & Basketball Challenge


Ellen Vs Adam Levine

Ellen DeGeneres revealed that Adam Levine’s favorite pastimes to destress are golf and basketball. She combined them into a challenge, because she loves to compete with her A-list guests.

Of course, the only question for Ellen viewers is how the game is rigged, and/or how Ellen will cheat to defeat her famous frenemies.


The back wall of the stage had a canvas backdrop featuring the faces of personalities from The Voice. Adam had to shoot a golf ball through one of the faces, before moving on to sink three basketball shots. Then Ellen would try to beat his time.

Ellen: Adam Levine Golf

In his downtime, Adam Levine likes golf and basketball, so Ellen challenged him to a competition. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Adam Levine Sports Challenge

Adam teed up and started taking shots. The first few were unsuccessful, though he seemed to intentionally be aiming for Blake Shelton’s face. Eventually Adam gave up and attempted throwing the golf balls instead of driving them. That got one successfully through Blake’s face on the canvas.


When he moved on to basketball free throw, Adam was in his element, scoring the first one and coming close on the next two. He finally sunk his third shot after 51 seconds, which is pretty good other than the golf ball fudging.

“I’m going on record saying I cheated,” Adam Levine said, which is more than Ellen has ever done for her competitors.

Ellen Vs Adam Levine Golf & Basketball

Ellen took aim at Christina Aguilera in her golf shots, but she wasn’t having much more luck than Adam, who encouraged her to cheat as he had done. Ellen clearly picked a ball up out of the bucket, but a weird edit makes it unclear what actually happened with the ball.

All I know is she quickly moved on to the basketball portion. She is much worse at free throws than Adam Levine, who at least has a bit of a height advantage. At any rate, Ellen declared herself the winner, though she clearly came up short.

Maroon 5’s latest CD, Overexposed, drops June 26 2012. In the meantime, Adam Levine and the gang are wrapping up this season of The Voice, Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

What is your favorite of Adam Levine’s many projects?


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