Ellen: David Spade’s Daughter Harper & Ellen Animal Shelter Auction


Ellen: David Spade

Rules of Engagement star David Spade is one of Ellen’s close friends, but according to his mom they don’t hang out enough. He told Ellen about what his mom thinks of his friends and his daughter Harper.

Ellen: David Spade New Coat

Ellen: David Spade's Daughter Harper & Ellen Animal Shelter Auction

Katie talked with Sue Paterno and her family about what they thought about their father and whether they thought he could have done more at Penn State. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Spade told Ellen he bought a new coat specifically for her show today. He said that when he tries on a coat, he doesn’t just put his arms out and say it fits. He makes a production about acting out what he’ll be doing in the coat to see if it looks good enough. For this leather jacket, Spade mocked out going to a keg party and meeting girls.

“I drink, Ellen. It’s no secret.”

Ellen: David Spade Plays Ellen

Before he grew out a goatee and mustache Ellen would use Spade as her double. On February 1, however, she had Sean Hayes play her in a sketch. Spade said he was hurt but Hayes did an acceptable job.


Ellen: David Spade’s Mother

Spade’s mom thinks his Hollywood friends are strange, but she does love Ellen. Mrs. Spade runs an animal shelter and had a big auction with some of Ellen’s things, which sold better than David Spade’s stuff. People came from out of state to bid and adopt animals. Now Mrs. Spade asks her son why he doesn’t hang out with Ellen more. Well, she’s a busy woman, he said. That’s not enough for her. Mrs. Spade knows Ellen’s a good girl and not a flake like other people in Hollywood.

As for the weirdos David Spade hangs out with, Mrs. Spade likes Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. She also enjoys Kid Rock, but thinks he could shower more. She wonders why he doesn’t hang out with George Clooney, maybe because he’s George Clooney. Mrs. Spade remembers that she met him at the Black Sheep premiere (in 1996) and he spun her around on the red carpet. Which makes her son question is they ever hooked up.

Ellen: David Spade’s Daughter Harper

Giving Sophie Grace & Rosie a run for their pink tiaras, Spade’s daughter Harper is adorable. He brought a video of her laughing at him making faces. She’s four and a half and throws her head back when she laughs.

Ellen: David Spade Childhood

As a kid, Spade said he was no comedic ladies man. He was shorter than all the girls in first grade and the school wanted him to skip two grades. Well, at least he thinks they did.

“Some things I say are lies, Ellen.”


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