Ellen: David Spade Rules Of Engagement, Jillian Grace & Daughter Harper


Ellen: David Spade Weight Loss

“Our first guest is one of our favorites around here,” Ellen said. “Please welcome my friend, David Spade.”

Unlike most people who come on the show, when David walked onstage, he was not dancing. He had a fun presence once he sat down though.


“Aw I did lose a little weight,” David said jokingly as he sat down. “Thank you. I’m really wasting away. Everyone’s talking about it.”

“You do look good,” Ellen said in response.

“Aw I didn’t really want to talk about it,” David said. “But thank you.”


Ellen: David Spade Disneyland & Daughter Harper

Ellen: David Spade Rules Of Engagement

David Spade told Ellen about fatherhood, the sitcom Rules Of Engagement & his mom's Humane Society work. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen told David she heard he took his daughter, Harper to Disneyland.

“I hadn’t been there since I was eight,” David said.

David said that although Harper liked Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, “she was scared of the princesses for some reason.” He speculated that as the Disney princesses were hugging her, she was thinking, “‘Nice extensions.'”

Ellen: David Spade & Jillian Grace Married?

Ellen showed the audience a picture taken of David, Harper, and an unspecified woman in one of the teacups at Disneyland.

“Who’s that with your daughter,” she asked.

“That’s daughter’s mom,” David said.

“So are y’all back together?” Ellen asked of him and his former lover, Playboy playmate, Jillian Grace. David said they aren’t back together but that they’re still friends.

“Are you dating anyone right now?” she asked.

“Yes and no,” David said. He said he hopes to get married and settle down. “I have what doctors call problems and we’re trying to iron that out.”

Ellen recalled that the last time David was on the show, he told her he was dating two different people.

“That was kind of a joke and then it got me in trouble,” he said. “Why I chose this place to mention it, I don’t know.”

David Spade: Rules of Engagement

Ellen pointed out that his character, Russell Dunbar, on the series Rules of Engagement, is married.

“I get a little boozed up on a booze cruise and marry this girl,” he said.

Referring to his earlier comment about wanting to get married, he said, “I’m trying it out on TV first.”

David joked that so far marriage seems pretty easy.

Ellen: David Spade Mother Judith Todd & Humane Society

Ellen asked David about his mother, Judith Todd.

“Is she still involved with the shelter?” she asked, referring to his mother’s history of volunteering at her local humane society.

David said she is and she’s starting to be more demanding of his participation in the humane society’s fundraisers.

“She’s getting a little pushier because I used to giver her headshots,” David said, claiming his mother now tells him, “‘They know what you look like. You can do better.'”

David said his mother has gone so far as to try to talk him into asking The Eagles or Lady Gaga to perform at the fundraiser.

“Now I think she wants Justin Bieber,” he said. “She’s really shooting high!”

When David told his mother he didn’t know Justin Bieber, she told him, “I know you know him. I saw you in a picture of him in a magazine.”

Ellen: David Spade Mom On Skype

Ellen said they were able to find David‘s mother on Skype. As they turned on their Skype cam, David seemed somewhat apprehensive.

“This scares me,” he teased.

“Judy, are you there?” Ellen asked. When Judy confirmed that she could hear them, Ellen asked her “How can we help you?”

Gesturing to David, she asked more specifically, “What do you need from him?”

“Sometimes I want him,” Judith said. “Sometimes I want just his pocketbook or his wallet.”

Judy said that David auctioned off a Rules of Engagement walk-on role at the fundraiser.

“We got a $1700 bid on the walk on role,” she said.

Ellen Halo Dog Food Donation

“Here’s what I would like to donate to you,” Ellen said to Judy and started naming a long list of autographed merchandise. After naming some of the merchandise she said, “We’re going to give you $10,000 worth of food” from her company Halo.

On top of all that, she also donated two airline tickets with VIP tickets to her show. “She’s going to start crying,” David said.

“What are you gonna do now, Dave?” Ellen asked teasingly.

“Mom…Just Shoot Me collector’s set that I found in my garage?” David joked. “No. I will sign one of these dog bones. You’re welcome. It’s literally the least I can do.”

“I signed every single thing,” Ellen said.


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