Ellen: David Beckham DB Homme Cologne Review & Daughter Harper Seven


Ellen David Beckham Interview

Ellen heard all about David Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven. Then she asked him about his new cologne, DB Homme, and his tattoos.

Ellen: David Beckham’s Daughter Harper Seven

Ellen: David Beckham DB Homme Cologne Review

David Beckham discussed his daughter, Harper Seven, and a DB Homme Cologne review. (Photo Works / Shutterstock.com)


David Beckham just had another daughter with his wife Victoria. Beautiful as the baby girl is, they gave her a bizarre name. Her first name, Harper, is common enough, but her middle name, Seven, seems a questionable parenting decision. I mean, Harper Seven? What happened to Harpers One through Six? The name just feels weird.

David explained to Ellen that the number seven has a lot of significance to him though.

“I love the number seven,” he said. “And it fits her perfectly.”


As David continued to explain the name, it almost seemed fated. Apparently Harper was born July 7 (the seventh day of the seventh month) and was 7 pounds when she came out. Crazy!

Ellen asked David if he and Victoria plan to have anymore children. David said it’s possible.

“We always talk about having a big family,” he said.

Ellen: David Beckham’s Tattoos

Ellen told David that she heard he got a tattoo of his youngest daughter’s name on his collar bone. “I’ve tattoos of all my children on me,” David said.

Ellen showed pictures of David’s various tattoos and sure enough, each of his children’s names were somewhere on his body. I’m not huge on tattoos, but that seemed a pretty endearing sentiment.

Ellen couldn’t help but poke a little bit of fun at David. “Have you thought of getting a tattoo of me?” she asked.

David laughed and indulged her. “Actually yeah,” he said. “We’ll go get one tonight.”

Ellen: David Beckham DB Homme Cologne

Ellen asked David about his new cologne, DB Homme.

“It’s a spicy wooden kind of fragrance,” he said. “It smells great and you should try it.”

Ellen had a bottle in her hand and sprayed it in her mouth. Presumably, the bottle was filled with water.

“Mmm…” she said as she savored the taste. “I can taste the wood. Spicy wood. I love it.”


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