Ellen: David Arquette On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ & Malaria No More


Ellen: David Arquette Malaria No More

David told Ellen about his recent trip to Senegal, a country in Africa. He went there to help with Malaria No More, an outreach group dedicated to ending deaths from Malaria.

David Arquette Dancing With The Stars Malaria No More Africa Ellen

David Arquette has always been known for his bizarre sense of style (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“It’s all about education and providing nets for people,” David said.


You can find more information about the group here: Malaria No More.

Ellen: David Arquette On Dancing With The Stars

David Arquette was on the past season of Dancing With The Stars. He laughed as he told Ellen being part of the show was exhausting because he had to dance for five hours a day.

“Every bone aches,” he said.


David said that going on the show seemed to make sense with where he is at in his life.

“I did it because I love dancing and it’s part of joy,” he said. “A lot of the themese that are involved with dancing are involved with my way of life now. It’s balance. It’s staying connected to your core. It’s being in touch with everything around you, the flow of life.”

He also said he was eager to give people a chance to get to know him.

Ellen: David Arquette’s Fashion Style

Ellen said that although David was relatively subdued, having come on the show in a business suit, he usually dresses in a very fun and individualistic style that always makes her happy.

She showed pictures of some of the outrageous outfits he’s worn in the past.

“We want to help you out with the show,” she said.

She pulled an amazing looking suit from a bag. It was all white and silver with sparkles on its lapels. It had flags that hung from the sleeves that said “Vote 4 David.” The flags had fringe on them so that he would look especially impressive when he spins and twirls on Dancing.

David was ecstatic.

“I love it!” he said.


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