Ellen: Dave Grohl Sound City & Sound City Players Jessie’s Girl Review


Ellen: Dave Grohl

For the first time on Ellen, music legend Dave Grohl gave us a little bit of music history. Grohl got his start as the drummer for Nirvana and went on to be the lead singer of the Foo Fighters. He’s now made his directorial debut with Sound City, a documentary about the legendary recording studio that produced so many hit records. He told Ellen just how amazing an experience it was making the film. Then, Rick Springfield and the Sound City Players took the stage to perform “Jessie’s Girl.”

Ellen: Sound City Documentary 

The Sound City film started when Grohl and the Foo Fighters were prepping to record an album. They decided to record in Grohl’s garage and he started calling around for equipment.


For years, Sound City was the place to record music. It churned out hits and platinum records on the regular. Grohl recorded the album Nevermind there with Nirvana. He said it looked like a “burned out Mexican restaurant” but when the band would hook up equipment and start to play the most amazing sound happened. It was something magical.

In Grohl’s quest for equipment, he heard that Sound City was closing down. The age of technology had made making albums at home so much easier, and there was no need to record in a studio. Grohl found out they were selling the mixing console which was considered one of the best in the world.


Ellen: Neil Young Sound City Interview

Ellen: Dave Grohl Sound City & Sound City Players Jessie's Girl Review

Dave Grohl bought the famous sound mixing console from Sound City, which sparked the documentary. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Grohl bought the mixing console and wanted to make a short YouTube video about the board. Before he knew it, the story blew up into a movie. He called Neil Young first to be in the film and he said yes, but it took him a year of chasing to get his interview. Finally, they called and said he had five days off to interview, but Grohl would have to fly to Hawaii. He got to sit in the waves with a beer and hear all of Young’s stories and experiences.

Every person he talked to gave him a different piece of the Sound City story. He got to talk to his heroes and colleagues in the music business. They all paid tribute to this mecca of music history. He learned a lot from the other musicians. He said that playing with other people only makes you better.

Ellen: Rick Springfield & the Sound City Players

You know when you see or hear something and no matter how hard you try adjectives just can’t describe it properly. That doesn’t happen often. The history, sounds and rock on that stage and in that moment were incredible. Springfield’s guitar mixed with Grohl’s physical rocking and the song “Jessie’s Girl” was indescribably incredible.

Also, who doesn’t love it when Dave Grohl shakes his hair like Animal from The Muppets? Everything together just made it a moment of rock history. It really made me want to go and check out Sound City

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