Ellen: Dave Franco Banana Magic Trick, Cat Family & Now You See Me


Ellen: Dave Franco

From the new movie Now You See Me, actor Dave Franco showed Ellen his banana magic trick on her show. But first, in a clip from the movie, his character bent a spoon using only his mind.

Ellen: Dave Franco Cat Family

Ellen: Dave Franco Banana Magic Trick, Cat Family & Now You See Me

Dave Franco shared his cat family stories with Ellen, discussed working with all-stars in Now You See Me, and attempted to perform a banana magic trick. (admedia / Shutterstock.com)


Dave Franco had plenty of screaming fans in the audience for his very first daytime talk show appearance. His brother is James Franco, and Ellen found a photo of his family members and their cats.

Dave said he has two cats, and James and their mother each have two cats as well. They bring their pets home for Christmas, but the cats have to be separated because they don’t always get along.

Dave Franco’s Cats: Harry & Arturo

Franco said that driving cross-country with them loose in the car means they go to the bathroom where they shouldn’t. Ellen recommended getting hard plastic carriers to make pets feel safer in the car.


His cats are named Harry and Arturo, and he even brought Ellen some pictures of them cuddling together around the house.

Ellen: Dave Franco Acting Career

Dave is seven years younger than James, and Dave explained that James’s manager convinced him to take a college acting class. During his first class, he was overwhelmed by the antics of his classmates.

But Dave said sticking with acting helped bring him out of his shell. Ellen said that many people are surprised that actors can be so shy.

Ellen: Now You See Me Review

The magical summer movie Now You See Me has an all-star cast, including Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, and Isla Fisher, among many others.

He said he thought it was a mistake for him to be cast among these all-stars, and he was intimidated when he first showed up on the set. He wanted to prove himself, but he said the cast treated him as a peer, which helped him settle into his role.

Now You See Me is in theaters, so you can see Dave and the cast in action this summer.

Dave Franco Banana Magic Trick

Dave’s character in the movie does sleight of hand illusions. He spent some time at the beginning of the project learning some of the tricks and developing a method of throwing cards.

He said it took a long time to learn the proper technique. But it paid off, because she showed his skills for Ellen. Dave froze up during the show, but as a backup, Ellen had a clip of him doing the trick at home.


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