Ellen: Colin Farrell Total Recall & Angelman Syndrome Son


Ellen: Colin Farrell Total Recall

What do Colin Farrell and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? They have both been the leads in Total Recall movies.

After more than a decade, Colin Farrell is headlining a reboot of the 1990 film, taking over the Arnold Schwarzenegger role. Colin said it’s action packed and even has a little bit of heart; though some plot points have changed, the basic story and futuristic setting remain the same.


Ellen: Colin Farrell Angelman Syndrome

Colin Farrell opened up about his son's condition, Angelman Syndrome, with Ellen. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

The new Total Recall movie will open August 3 2012.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Children

Colin’s son Henry is 2 ½, and James is 8 years old. He said he appreciates the paparazzi for capturing some great family photos for him. I guess when you’re so in the public eye, you’ve got to find a silver lining wherever you can.


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Ellen: Colin Farrell’s Son Angelman Syndrome

His eight-year-old son James has Angelman Syndrome, a rare condition affecting about one in every 25,000 kids born today, though there is some question about misdiagnosis. He said it is a neurological problem affecting motor skills, speech, and mobility.

Colin said that when James was two, a doctor noticed how aggressively happy he was, explaining that the non-PC term for the disorder is Happy Puppet Syndrome. He said that described his kid’s behavior, and he couldn’t help but laugh at the offensive name.

These days, James is doing well. Colin said “he’s cut the strings himself from years of hard work” and is now completely mobile. He works with therapists and specialists to get the attention he needs, and Colin said he’s grateful to be able to provide for his child.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Angelman Syndrome Documentary

Ellen shared a clip of Colin Farrell speaking about his son’s condition in a documentary. In the film, Colin called his son “a bright light.”

Ellen said it’s great that he is getting the word out about this condition. He said that when it comes to his kids, he’s just a dad, and his family is important to him.

Colin also said that 24 families have now been picked for a trial studying a possible cure for Angelman Syndrome.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Yoga Mat

As a parting gift, Ellen hooked Colin up with a yoga mat featuring a giant portrait of herself in a limber pose.


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