Ellen: Colin Farrell Does Accents & Raises Money For Angelman Syndrome


Ellen: Colin Farrell Kiss

It’s customary, when Colin Farrell comes to Ellen, for them to have a passionate kiss. They’ve gotten more heated over time, but today’s kiss was a bit of a let down. Ellen was all minty and ready to go, but Farrell came over like scared little school boy. It’s OK, we’ll forgive him for the kiss. Maybe not so much for his weird mohawk pony tail.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Horse Co-Star

Ellen: Colin Farrell Does Accents & Raises Money For Angelman Syndrome

Ellen and Colin Farrel shared an awkward kiss before he did seven accents and raised $7,000 for charity. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Speaking of ponies, Ellen had a lovely picture of Farrell kissing his co-star, a white stallion. He said he loved working with the horse and they are very tuned into each other. The stallion is in mating season mode, so it was a little risky for Farrell to ride him.

“I had to mount him daily,” Farrell said. They had four other horses that looked the same, but his main horse had a very elegant and particular look to him.

The film shot in New York during all of the cold and snow they’ve had recently. He just wrapped the film and got to spend his last day in front of a green screen.


Ellen: Colin Farrell Underwear Challenge

She asked Farrell if he had seen her underwear model contest.

“I didn’t get the call!” he said sadly.

He had a small underwear modeling gig in the past. Or as he described it, Farrell was wearing underwear and someone caught him and took a bunch of photos over a long period of time. Ellen gave him some man thongs and Santa Claus underwear so that he can resubmit for consideration for the next underwear contest. Farrell returned the Santa underwear, but immediately put on a thong over his pants.

Ellen is really into underwear these days. We all know she loves her underwear line, but it’s getting to the point where we may have to stage an intervention.

Ellen: Dead Man Down Accent Challenge

In his upcoming film, Dead Man Down, in theaters March 8 2013, Farrell has to use a New York accent and a Hungarian accent. Ellen challenged him to do a bunch of different accents and for everyone he got right Shutterfly would give $1,000 to a charity of his choice. Farrell chose F.A.S.T., the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

He correctly impersonated seven accents, Swedish, Italian, Southern, Valley Girl, French, Jamaican, and Hungarian.


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