Ellen: Colin Farrell 7 Years Sober & Girlfriend Search


Ellen: Colin Farrell Yoga

How does Colin Farrell stay in shape for his movie roles, especially all those action scenes and photo shoots? I’m sure airbrushing and editing are a big help, but the actor also mentioned that he’s taken up Yoga and Spinning.

He said he prefers Yoga, which he’s been doing for about a year. Though he was working out every day for awhile, he said he’s gotten away from it in the last month. “I feel fit-ish,” he said.


Ellen: Colin Farrell Sobriety

Colin Farrell told Ellen what he's learned about art and empathy after getting sober. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen used to do Yoga also, and she said she’s finally getting back into the practice because she’d been missing it. Colin said it really puts you in touch with your body, helps you stretch, and stay limber, while reducing stress.

“It keeps me erect,” Colin Farrell said of his spine. “It keeps me upright, but it’s not very nimble, very lithe.”


Ellen: Colin Farrell Sobriety

Ellen mentioned that the actor has been sober for seven years. Colin admitted that he was probably drunk during his first Ellen appearance years ago.

“It’s really lovely to be present in my life,” he said of his sobriety. He admitted that he was terrified about how his life would change once he gave up drinking. He worried that it would affect his acting work.

Ellen: Colin Farrell on Art, Addiction & Empathy

“I ascribed to the notion that, to be able to express yourself in an artistic form in life, you have to live in perpetual pain,” he said, “and that’s nonsense.”

Instead, he’s been focusing on empathising. “There’s enough pain in the world that you don’t have to live in it to represent it in some artistic way,” he said, “whether painting or singing or writing a lyric.”

He used U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday as an example of empathy fueling art. Ellen said that he is a great example of someone who’s successfully gotten sober. He said he actually has more fun at parties now that he’s sober.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Girlfriend Search

Ellen brought up Colin’s romantic life, claiming she is obligated to mention it. But he said he is single, and this immediately inspired Ellen to set him up with someone. He made it difficult for her, saying he doesn’t have a type. But she insisted she would play matchmaker for him.


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