Ellen: Clinton & Stephanie’s On Air Marriage Proposal


Ellen: Marriage Proposal On Air

Two of Ellen’s fans, Clinton and Stephanie of West Virginia, got engaged on the show via live camera from West Virginia.

Ellen: Jeannie & the Swaggin Wagon In West Virginia

Ellen sent Jeannie and the Swaggin Wagon to West Virginia to meet up with a young man named Clinton.


Ellen: Clinton & Stephanie’s Story

Ellen: Clinton & Stephanie Marriage Proposal

Ellen said that this was the first time anyone had made a marriage proposal on the show.

Clinton said that he and his girlfriend Stephanie are huge fans of Ellen’s and they watch her show everyday. So he wanted to propose to Stephanie on Ellen’s show.

Of course, Ellen was more than happy to oblige.


“I’m honored that you asked to do it with us,” Ellen said. “This is the first time we’ve done something like this.”

Clint gathered his and Stephanie’s families in the Shaggin’ Wagon, where they waited for Stephanie to come out of the house.

Ellen Calls Stephanie

This is the one thing that seemed somewhat strange. As part of his cover, Clint had told Stephanie he was taking her out to dinner that night. Yet, when Ellen called Stephanie, she had changed into her pajamas and was about to go to bed.

“Oh my god! I just changed out of my clothes into my pajamas and I’m so mad,” Stephanie said as Ellen bade her to answer the door. When she got to the door, Stephanie found Jeannie who walked her over to the Swaggin Wagon.

“You have no shoes on!” Ellen teased Stephanie. “Let that be a lesson. You should always sleep with your shoes on.”

Ellen: Clinton Proposes To Stephanie

Ellen told Stephanie that the Swaggin Wagon was going to be her ride to dinner and that she should meet the driver.

Clinton walked out of the bus carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.

“I’m so mad at you!” Stephanie said to Clinton. Given the strange pajama situation, it was somewhat unclear how serious she was.

Regardless of whether Stephanie was serious, Clinton bent down on one knee and pulled out a small ring box.

“You’re my absolute best friend and the love of my life,” Clinton said. “Would you do me this honor and marry me?”

Although it would have been hilarious if she said no on national television, Stephanie agreed to marry Clinton. Then both of their families came running out of the Swaggin Wagon and surrounded them both with an enormous group hug.

Ellen Gives Clinton & Stephanie Their First Engagement Gift

Ellen was so happy for the young couple that she wanted to give them their first engagement gift, and what a gift it was. She gave them a six night stay at the St. Regis resort in Hawaii. She said the entire trip was worth almost $15,000.


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