Ellen: Chris Pratt Parks and Recreation, Falling Down & Fireball Whiskey


Ellen: Chris Pratt Rising Star

Chris Pratt came by Ellen to talk about the final season of Parks and Recreation. But first, he talked about his incredible career. He went from being on Parks and Recreation to being in a number of hit films, including The Lego Movie and The Guardians of the GalaxyHe said he doesn’t want to live without regrets. He said when he’s 100, he doesn’t want to look back at this moment of his life and think he never stopped to smell the roses. He paused at this point and picked up a pot of flowers on Ellen’s desk and sniffed them.

Chris Pratt came by Ellen to talk about the final season of Parks and Recreation, why he loves Fireball whiskey, and his two year old son. (s_bukley / Shutterstock)

Chris Pratt came by Ellen to talk about the final season of Parks and Recreation, why he loves Fireball whiskey, and his two-year-old son. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


He said the best thing was not being a waiter anymore. That’s his baseline. Ellen said she also waited tables and she thought that it was good training for people to see the other perspective. Chris Pratt said nothing makes him more mad is sitting next to someone who isn’t respectful to the person waiting on them.

Ellen: Chris Pratt’s Son is Talking

Chris Pratt’s son is named Jack and he’s two and a half now. Chris said it’s easy to be patient with his child. He said his son isn’t in the “terrible twos.” He said most of the terrible twos stuff comes from a toddler’s inability to express what they want. But Jack is talking and is really articulate about what he wants.

Chris said it’s frustrating because he’ll tell him it’s time for bed and Jack will say that he thought about it and say he’d rather not right now. Chris said it’s funny because he taught him to be polite and he’s being very polite, so he decides to let him stay up.


Chris Pratt said his son says a lot of profound things. He took his son on a family retreat and he told him there’s a lot of people there and it’s going to be very loud and there might even be some tension. Jack just said, “It’s family.” Chris Pratt said he almost started crying and that his son was like his therapist.

Ellen: Chris Pratt Fireball Whiskey

Chris Pratt said he loves drinking Fireball Whiskey. He thinks it’s because as a kid he loved Hot Tamales and now that he’s an adult, he likes drinking the alcohol version of it. Ellen said it sounds terrible and Chris admitted it was terrible, calling it “hot liquid garbage.”

“You know that found something that’s in antifreeze in it,” Ellen said.

“Really? That makes sense. I drank some and I was like out in the snow in my boxers and I was like, ‘This is…I’m not even cold,'” Chris Pratt joked.

Ellen said it must’ve been the antifreeze. But Chris said it couldn’t have that much antifreeze, because if it had a lot, he said he’d “be dead by now” because he drank so much of it in his life.

Ellen: Chris Pratt ‘Parks and Recreation’

Chris Pratt said he was really sad about Parks and Recreation ending. He said it’d been seven amazing seasons. He started on the show as a guest star for six episodes and they ended up keeping him on and he was in every episode all seven seasons.

Then Ellen had someone come out to deliver a bunch of shots of Fireball Whiskey. There were like 20 shots of Fireball Whiskey. Chris took two of the shots and said they smelled like regret.

Ellen: Chris Pratt Falling Down

Chris Pratt also demonstrated what he called a “Pratt fall.” He said in all the seasons of Parks and Recreation, his character Andy never really needed to be there, but he did always fall down. Chris Pratt had cultivated an amazing ability to fall down without hurting himself. He demonstrated it when Ellen threw a football at him and he fell down.

Ellen: Chris Pratt Seahawks Fan

Chris Pratt is a Seahawks fan, so Ellen gave him a gift. It was a Seahawks helmet with two Fireball Whiskey bottles attached to the side, with two straws leading from the bottles to the mouth of the helmet, so he could drink the Fireball Whiskey while he wore it.


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