Ellen: Chris O’Donnell Seeing Eye Dog & Lily’s One Direction Obsession


Ellen: Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell is the star of NCIS: Los AngelesHe said he was glad to see Ellen was still awake after her trip to Australia. She said her jet lag is really hanging on.

O’Donnell has five kids and a special tie to New Zealand. He and his wife moved there when he did a movie 13 years ago. His wife was eight months pregnant and his daughter Lily was born in New Zealand. They left nine months later and she was pregnant again.


Ellen: One Direction Fans

Ellen: Chris O'Donnell Seeing Eye Dog & Lily's One Direction Obsession

Chris O’Donnell told Ellen that his daughter Lily is a huge One Direction fan. Ellen brought out a cardboard cutout of the band for her. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

O’Donnell said his daughter’s favorite band is One Direction. She spent her birthday at Westwood waiting to see them. She never got to see them, but she still had an awesome time. Ellen was shocked that he never pulled strings to get her tickets or a meet and greet. She promised to introduce Lily to them when they come to Ellen next.

I think O’Donnell and his wife are trying to raise their kids outside of the celebrity realm. He rarely parades them in public and tries to keep them real.


Ellen: Seeing Eye Dog

Another cool fact about O’Donnell is that his dog was a failed seeing eye dog. He said for the first few years of her life with them she would follow him as if he were blind. He said she could walk without a leash in public and he never worried about her acting up.

Ellen: Directing First Episode Of NCIS

O’Donnell directed his first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles this year. He said it was a great experience because he got to boss LL Cool J around all week. LL is going on tour this summer and O’Donnell asked him if he could come and do a guest rap with his co-star. We’ll just have to wait for the YouTube clip of that to go viral.

Ellen: Surprise For Lily

Before he left, Ellen brought out a huge cardboard cutout of One Direction for Lily. Ellen had even had it personalized with Lily’s name on their shirts. I can only imagine the scream of delight that little girl let out when she saw that.

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