Ellen: Cheryl Hines, Suburgatory & Vanity Fair Oscar Party


Ellen: Cheryl Hines Las Vegas Party Girl

Ellen DeGeneres called actress Cheryl Hines a party girl, but it turns out her mother is the one who’s addicted to body glitter and late Vegas nights. Cheryl said she and her sister recently took their mother to Vegas.

“Before we go out, she gets out a big bottle of body glitter, and she says, ‘Do you girls want some?’” Cheryl recalled.


Cheryl Hines Mother Rosemary

Her mother’s name is Rosemary, but they call her Cracklin’ Rosie. Cheryl said she got back to the hotel around 1 a.m. Her sister rolled in around 3, but it was 5 a.m. before her mom came back to the room, after staying up all night playing nickel slots.

As Ellen pointed out, if they ever needed to find her mother in Las Vegas, they could follow the trail of her body glitter.

Ellen said Rosemary once came to her house for a poker game, nursing a drink. Cheryl assured Ellen that her mother enjoyed the night. “I think she was probably mesmerized by you,” Cheryl said.


Ellen: Cheryl Hines Vanity Fair Party

Cheryl Hines got in on the Hollywood excitement after this year’s Oscars. She shared gossip from the Vanity Fair party with Ellen DeGeneres.

Cheryl said she and her friend Rachael Harris showed up at the party. Unfortunately, they had a communication problem. Rachel was giving her signals, but Cheryl wasn’t comprehending the messages. She showed off Rachael’s signal for “agave” which was definitely confusing.

Ellen: Cheryl Hines Vanity Fair

Cheryl Hines told Ellen about her adventures at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Cheryl Hines & Rachael Harris

They chatted with director Paul Haggis, and Rachael gave Cheryl another ambiguous signal, this time meaning, “I can’t feel my face.” “Does that happen so much that you have a signal for it?” Cheryl asked.

On the ride home, Rachael embarrassed Cheryl by accidentally reading her text messages out loud. Ellen showed some snapshots from the photo booth at the party, in which Cheryl and Rachael are seen making out and doing silly poses.

Cheryl said she got home very late and didn’t make it to bed until 3 a.m.

Ellen: Cheryl Hines Suburgatory

Cheryl Hines’s breakout role was as Larry David’s long suffering wife in the HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now Cheryl is starring as another divorcee in the new hit ABC series Suburgatory.

Cheryl explained that her co-stars Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy play characters who relocated from Manhattan to the suburbs expecting normalcy and finding something weirder than they ever imagined.

Former SNL cast members Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell also star in the show, airing Wednesdays on ABC.


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