Ellen: Cheryl Hines Suburgatory & Pole Dancing


Ellen: Cheryl Hines Mechanical Bull

“Happy belated birthday!” Ellen said to Cheryl Hines when she walked onstage. The crowd started cheering and Cheryl laughed.

“Thanks guys–getting older!” Cheryl quipped. She said that for her birthday she rode a mechanical bull. She said she was inspired to do so by here character Dallas on the hit show Suburgatory, because Dallas is “always having fun.”


Ellen: Cheryl Hines Suburgatory & Pole Dance

Cheryl Hines told Ellen she learned to pole dance for her role as Dallas on the sitcom Suburgatory. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“Did you do well?” Ellen asked?

“I like to think so,” Cheryl said.


Ellen: Cheryl Hines Daughter

“How old is your daughter?” Ellen asked Cheryl of her daughter Catherine.

“She’s seven,” Cheryl said.

“How’s she doing?” Ellen asked.

“She’s doing great,” Cheryl said. “She’s crazy.”

Cheryl continued to tell Ellen about her daughter and asked, “Do you know that song ‘Moves Like Jagger’?”

This was really funny because Ellen‘s DJ Tony plays the song on almost every show. Despite that the song is practically Ellen‘s unofficial theme song, she simply said, “Yes.’

“I had to explain who Mick Jagger was,” Cheryl said. She said after she explained who Mick was to her daughter, they took turns trying to have moves like Jagger.

“Who was better?” Ellen asked.

“She was, of course,” Cheryl said.

Ellen: Cheryl Hines Pole Dance

Speaking of Cheryl‘s character Dallas on Suburgatory, Ellen said, “You must have so much fun playing this character.”

“I have so much fun,” Cheryl said. “They called me one day and said ‘We’re wondering if we should get a stunt double for you, unless you know how to work a stripper pole.'”

Cheryl said that instead of letting them hire a stunt double, she decided that she’d take private pole dancing lessons. Once she got to the lesson, she felt self conscious because the walls were all made of glass so passersby could see into the room. She thought people would laugh at her and say, “She waits until she’s middle age to start stripping.”

Cheryl said she was surprised at how difficult pole dancing is.

“It’s really hard,” she said. “It takes a lot of upper body strength.”

Ellen: Cheryl Hines Poster

“Before you go, I want to give you a gift for you and your daughter, for your disco,” Ellen said. “This is going to go in your room.”

Stage hands brought out a large rectangular object covered with a cloth. It was removed to reveal a giant framed poster of Ellen‘s head photoshopped onto John Travolta‘s Saturday Night Fever pose. Behind her was a disco ball and below her read “ELLEN FEVER.”


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