Ellen: Cher & Georgia Holt “Honky Tonk Woman” & Chaz Bono Weight Loss


Cher: Growing Up With a Famous Mom

One of the biggest stars in the world brought her mother to hang out with Ellen. Cher and Georgia Holt got a huge round of applause. They recently made a documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher for Lifetime.

Ellen: Cher & Georgia Holt "Honky Tonk Woman" & Chaz Bono Weight Loss

Ellen talked to Cher and her mother, Georgia Holt, about their lost album, Honky Tonk Woman. Cher said that her son Chaz is losing weight and feeling good. (image credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Georgia said that Cher wasn’t a bad child. She started practicing her autograph as soon as she learned to write her name. Cher’s full name, Cherilyn, was only used when she was in big trouble. To the world, she has always been and always will be, Cher.

Georgia raised her children on her own and said that it just came to her. Her daughter began singing in saloons at age eight. Georgia got a big break on I Love Lucy and her career was stolen by Marilyn Monroe. Cher said that Georgia was the “hot mom” she was proud to show off.

Cher’s Out Of This World Wardrobe

Cher tweeted out an adorable picture from Las Vegas of her and Ellen from years ago. Ellen photoshopped her face onto one of Cher’s more scandalous and sheer numbers.


Georganne, Cher’s sister, is the more conservative one. Sonny and Cher had a very avant garde look for their time period. Cher said the Beatles were clean cut and she and her husband were radicals. They had long hair and bohemian clothing. Parents didn’t like them. Cher met Sonny when she was 16 and he was 11 years her senior.

Cher Not Dead & Chaz Bono Weight Loss

The rumor mill around Cher is crazy. She is not moving to London or selling her Malibu home. She’s also not dead, like the internet reported a couple weeks ago.

Her son Chaz Bono has lost a lot of weight recently. Georgia was the first person that Chaz came out to, Cher was the last.

Dear Mom, Love Cher Documentary

The documentary for Lifetime, Dear Mom, Love Cher, came about in an unexpected way. Georgia found her old album in the garage and Georganne asked Cher to look after it. They wanted to see if they could get any sound off of the old records, but it evolved into the documentary.

The album was made 30 years ago. She did it with the Elvis band back then and Cher swapped them for her current band. Cher and Georgia sang a song from the album, which was great. I have a sneaking suspicion they lip sang for Ellen, but it’s not a huge problem. Georgia is in her late 80’s. 

Ellen gave Cher, Georgia and Georganne purple cowboy hats with the name of Georgia’s album, “Honky Tonk Woman,” on the top.


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