Ellen: Chelsea Handler In a Toga & After Lately With Reese Witherspoon


Ellen: Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler appeared on Ellen to talk about her show and she tried not to curse…which is really hard for her.

Ellen: Chelsea Lately  

Ellen: Chelsea Handler In A Toga & After Lately With Reese Witherspoon

Chelsea Handler said she has been with her boyfriend for two years. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Chelsea gave us some fun facts about her talk show on E!, Chelsea Lately. On the show, she interviews famous people and makes jokes about pop and international news. Chelsea said she likes to interview people, but it can be boring. Because this was daytime television, Chelsea had to keep herself PG. Chelsea is a lot funnier when she’s raunchy, but she said she didn’t feel like being censored.

One of her favorite people to interview was Timothy Olyphant. She saw him on Ellen and thought he was cocky and had a big ego. Then he came on Lately and was really funny. She was pleased that she didn’t have to talk to the cocky side of Olyphant.

Ellen: Chelsea Handler In Africa

Chelsea and Ellen love to travel. Ellen talked to her about her trip to Australia, but Chelsea’s favorite was Africa. She said she would love to go back “a million times.” She felt overly confident with the animals and didn’t understand why a baby elephant was so dangerous. That was, until her guide said she would get beaten to death by the baby elephant.


Ellen: Chelsea Handler In a Toga

On a recent trip to Rome, Chelsea and her boyfriend went around the town in traditional Roman garb. The toga is a costume piece of clothing, and is not recommended for wearing around Rome. It’s also most likely offensive to locals, but Chelsea loves offending locals. It’s probably in her special skill sets on her resumé.

Pictures of Chelsea and her boyfriend in the togas hit the Internet quickly. Luckily, Chelsea said they got photos with the toga correctly placed. There were times when she was walking around when she went “loosey goosey.”

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Ellen: After Lately Season Premiere

Chelsea’s other show is After Lately. It’s a scripted Office-like show about the writers and interns on Chelsea Lately. After Lately airs February 25 at 10:30 p.m. on E! Reese Witherspoon is on the season premiere and things get a little heated between Reese and Chelsea.


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