Ellen: Channing Tatum Sleeps Naked & Dirty Dances With His Dog


Ellen: Channing Tatum I Do, I Don’t Game

To celebrate Channing Tatum’s recent movie, The Vow, Ellen DeGeneres invited him to play a game she called I Do, I Don’t. She asked him true or false questions, and he held a paddle reading I Do on one side and I Don’t on the other.

Here are the questions, answers, and revelations from Channing Tatum. Read more about Channing Tatum in The Vow.


Ellen: Channing Tatum Dancing

Are you surprised that Channing Tatum is such a good dancer, with the ladies and the canines? (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Channing Tatum High School Football

“I remember playing high school football.”

I Do. Channing was an outside linebacker or strong safety, and Ellen dug up a high school photo of him from the team.


Ellen: Channing Tatum Dirty Dancing with Dog

“I can do the Dirty Dancing lift with my dog.”

I Do. Channing even brought a home video clip of himself reenacting the iconic scene with his dog, Lulu.

Ellen: Channing Tatum Sleeps Naked

“I sleep naked.”

I Do. The audience cheered at this revelation, and Channing said, “Sorry mom.”

Ellen: Coolest Talk Show Host

“I think Ellen is the coolest talk show host ever.”

I Do. Channing debated before making up his mind, though. He was joking, but who else would even be on your list of cool talk show hosts?

Ellen: Channing Tatum Private Dancer

“I want to pick a fan from the audience and give them a private dance.”

I Do. Ellen had Channing dance for Megan Romano. He didn’t seem to have any trouble busting some moves, maybe because he used to be a stripper.

There were no questions to which he answered “I Don’t.” I wonder if that means he is agreeable, or will just say yes to everything.

Ellen: Channing Tatum Acting Career

What do you think of Channing Tatum’s acting career? The reviews seem to be mixed, but with a more diverse slate of recent projects and roles, he appears committed to pursuing the craft. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that he has charm and good looks. I’d be cashing in too if I had his body.

So be honest, Channing Tatum fans. Do you really think he is talented, or do you just like to look at him? There is no shame in having some eye candy; I’m just curious what people think.


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