Ellen: Cee Lo Green on Whitney Houston & The Voice White Cat


Ellen: Cee Lo Green White Cat Explained

If I took away nothing else from Cee Lo Green’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres, it’s that he knows how to make an entrance. He had four Las Vegas style showgirls escort him, in a head to toe hot pink suit, to Ellen’s stage. Cee Lo Green said he takes the showgirls with him whenever it’s necessary.

Ellen asked what inspired Cee Lo Green’s white cat, as featured on The Voice. The cat sits on Cee Lo’s lap, and that’s what inspired Ellen’s What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap game segments.


Ellen: Cee Lo Green Whitney Houston

Cee Lo Green talked about his white cat on The Voice & his relationship with the late Whitney Houston. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“It was just me being funny,” he said. “I actually had the idea for the first season,” but producers didn’t want to do it until the show found its feet. This year they were completely on board with him bringing his cat to work.

Ellen and Cee Lo are both animal lovers, and she told him it seems like his cat really enjoys being part of the proceedings.


Ellen: Cee Lo Green Ladies Man

Ellen said Cee Lo is a ladies man, and wondered if he’s always been like that.

“I do appreciate women,” he said, noting that he is currently single. He said he appreciates the freedom of the single life. He said that he was once madly in love with his ex-wife.

“If love ever presents itself to me, I’ll obey it again,” Cee Lo Green said. He added that his 11-year-old son has been using Garage Band on his Mac Book Pro to get into digital music. He’s learning techniques and producing skills, and Cee Lo is even thinking of partnering with him in the future.

Ellen: Cee Lo Green The Voice

Ellen said one of the things she loves about The Voice is how funny the judges are. She said she hadn’t seen Cee Lo’s personality and sense of humor before he became part of the show.

Cee Lo, who was flanked by showgirls for the entire interview, changed the subject to Ellen’s eyes, but she could not be thrown off her interviewing game.

Ellen: Cee Lo Green Sparkle Whitney Houston

Cee Lo Green co-stars in the upcoming film Sparkle, which was Whitney Houston’s final acting project. Cee Lo noted that he was a friend of Whitney’s, and had been working with her on a new solo album shortly before her death in early 2012.

“I talked to her a few days before her untimely, very unfortunate passing,” Cee Lo said. “God bless her soul. She’ll always be one of my favorites. She’s a queen, and we’ll miss you, Miss Whitney.”

Cee Lo Green said Whitney Houston looks beautiful in the recently released trailer.

Ellen: Loberace & The Voice

This summer, Cee Lo Green is unveiling Loberace, coming in August 2012 to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. You can see Cee Lo Green in The Voice, Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.


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