Ellen: Carson Daly The Voice & Kids Theme Birthday Parties


Ellen: Carson Daly The Voice

Just listening to Carson Daly’s schedule makes me exhausted. He hosts a daily radio show, a nightly talk show, and NBC’s hit reality music competition The Voice. How does he have time to eat or sleep?

Carson found a moment to sit down with Ellen and fill her in his busy life. In addition to his three jobs, Carson has a three-year-old son, Jackson, who is having a Transformers themed birthday party. Maybe they can get Megan Fox to make an appearance.


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Ellen: Carson Daly The Voice

Carson Daly talked to Ellen about kids' theme birthday parties and the new season of The Voice. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Carson Daly Theme Birthdays

Carson said that his parents always threw him great birthday parties, which is a tradition he wants to continue for his own son.


“One year my mom arranged for R2D2 and C3P0 to show up at my birthday party, and that’s a memory I remember even now,” he said, recalling that he was five or six at that party.

At another birthday party, Carson’s mom hired “a crazy woman named Minnie Many Pockets, who showed up, like Raggedy Ann.” Carson said she had over 200 pockets containing presents for kids, and that was more of a terrifying birthday memory.

Carson said it’s fine line between entertaining or horrifying your children on their birthdays. You could always just hire Justin Willman to do magic.

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Carson Daly The Voice

Ellen said she loves The Voice, which is a ratings success again this season. She asked which judge Carson thinks has the strongest team this year.

“Everybody is so passionate about music, and we’re really passionate about these artists that we’ve found, that are making a pursuit of music,” he said. “So we take it serious. We don’t like to poke fun at people,” he said, potentially re-igniting the feud between The Voice and American Idol.

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Carson Daly & Cee Lo Green’s Cat

Carson reminded Ellen that each of the coaches was nominated for a Grammy. He predicts that Adam Levine has a slight advantage at this point in the competition, but said the season is teeming with great artists. He called Christina’s team more diverse this year than last.

He also mentioned some of his favorites from each team, but he had no idea why Cee Lo Green has taken to bringing his white cat to the show tapings. “I was not in on that production meeting,” he said.

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