Ellen: Carrie Underwood Vegan, American Idol & Hoarder Husband


Ellen: Carrie Underwood Hoarder Update

She’s won five Grammys, and she has a new #1 album in Blown Away. After a rousing Performance Of “Undo It,” Carrie Underwood sat down for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres.

“It’s brave of you to come back,” Ellen said, recalling that Carrie’s last appearance led to a rash of media coverage about her statement that her husband Mike Fisher is a hoarder.


Carrie said the problem has improved now that they’ve been married for awhile. “Now we share. We’re much better,” she explained.

Despite Ellen’s cajoling, Carrie had no other incriminating comments about her relationship. She’s more focused on cooking, because she wants to be able to make something her future children will one day be proud of.

Hilariously, a fire alarm began to sound backstage as they talked, but Ellen and Carrie pressed on through it, saying it’s a sound you have to get used to when you’re learning to cook.


Ellen: Carrie Underwood Olay

Country superstar, Olay spokesperson and five-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood chatted with Ellen. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Carrie Underwood Vegan

Just like Ellen, Carrie Underwood is a vegan. So far, her husband has seen it as a complication. But she’s encouraged him to try more of her vegan favorites, and he’s receptive to it.

Ellen gave Carrie a copy of Vegan Cooking For Carnivores, which Chef Roberto cooked from for Ellen.

Ellen: Carrie Underwood Hockey Onesie

I guess Ellen is on a mission to get everyone wearing a onesie. Recently, she talked with Eva Mendes about the actress’s love of pajamas. Today, she gave Carrie Underwood a Nashville Predators hockey jersey onesie to keep her warm when her husband is away playing hockey.

Carrie said she loves sleeping in oversized pajamas, and mentioned it will get softer after a few washes.

Ellen: Carrie Underwood American Idol

Carrie recently returned to American Idol for a performance, and she said she’s still a fan of the show, before and since winning its fourth season. Ellen asked how Carrie was sizing up this year’s competitors.

“Every single person in the top 10 has been absolutely amazing,” Carrie said, stopping short of predicting a winner. “There’s four people left, and they’re all really good in their own different directions. … They all occupy their own space, their own genre of music.”

Ellen said it has been amazing to watch Carrie Underwood blossom over the years and become comfortable with herself and her success.

“I just watch you get better and better and better,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Carrie Underwood Olay Facebook

Carrie’s latest gig is as a spokesperson for Olay. With Mother’s Day coming up, she has worked with Olay on a campaign to tell mothers how beautiful they are.

“If everybody goes to the Olay Facebook page and declare your mom amazing, they will donate beauty products to women who are going through cancer treatments, which would be a hard time for any woman to feel beautiful,” Carrie Underwood said. “And that’s so important, for you to love yourself.”

Olay and Amazon gave Ellen’s studio audience a $100 gift card to celebrate Mother’s Day in style.


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