Ellen: Carrie Underwood Happy Paws Animal Shelter & Blown Away Tour


Ellen: Carrie Underwood Animal Rescue

Ellen DeGeneres loves animals, and she also has a place in her heart for other people who love animals. Carrie Underwood is a supporter of her hometown shelter, Happy Paws Animal Shelter.

She said you can visit checotahshelter.com to see animals who are ready to be adopted from the shelter. Carrie Underwood also told Ellen about Olay’s Mothers Day Campaign and Sang “Undo It” to kick off the show.


Ellen Vs Carrie Underwood: Animal Celebrity

Ellen has been in a game playing mood lately, taking on the likes of Robert Downey Jr and many others in some of her favorite contests. Even after her defeat yesterday in Alison Sweeney’s Jenga Rematch, she was raring to take on Carrie Underwood in a special animal version of her Celebrity guessing game.

“No words, just sounds and gestures, and you have to guess the animal,” Ellen explained.

Ellen gave clues first, with Carrie trying to guess the most animals in 45 seconds. They were:


Ellen: Carrie Underwood Tour

Carrie Underwood's Blown Away tour kicks off in September 2012. (image credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

  • Pig – Ellen just snorted
  • Rooster – “Cock-a-doodle-do”
  • Seal – Ellen barked and clapped her hands
  • Donkey – Hee haw sound
  • Owl – Who-who sound
  • Frog – Ribbit
  • Sheep – Baa
  • Duck – Quack (these are all just See & Say barnyard noises – lame, Ellen)
  • Wolf – Howl (Carrie incorrectly guessed coyote)
  • Parrot – Ellen tried to sing “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” in her parrot voice

Carrie scored nine points in 45 seconds.

Carrie Underwood Vs Ellen: Celebrity Animal Game

Next it was Carrie’s turn to give clues for Ellen to guess.

  • Shark – Carrie hummed the Jaws theme song
  • Elephant – Carrie made a trunk and a trumpet noise
  • Snake – She slithered like a snake
  • Crow – Caw-caw
  • Gorilla – Ellen left Carrie out to dry as she made monkey sounds & noises
  • Cow – Moo!

They ran out of time before Ellen got to guess chicken.

Ellen: Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour

Carrie Underwood is going on tour in support of Blown Away. The tour kicks off September 14 2012. In celebration, Ellen’s studio audience got the album for free.

Plus, Ellen’s website is giving away tickets to every stop on the tour, so if you want the chance to win free tickets, check that out. Did you see Carrie’s “Undo It” Performance? She also told Ellen about her Vegan Lifestyle & Ex-Hoarder Husband.


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