Ellen: Cameron Mathison Returning To All My Children? & The Surrogate


Ellen: Cameron Mathison All My Children 

Known to Ellen as “Ryan who could never find a shirt on All My Children,” Cameron Mathison said he would not be returning the the online series of All My Children. He was sad when it ended, but he thinks it needs some time to grow before he makes an appearance.

Ellen: Bradley Cooper All My Children Screen Test

Ellen: Cameron Mathison Returning To All My Children? & The Surrogate

Cameron Mathison isn’t returning to All My Children online anytime soon. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


While doing the red carpet for the Governor’s Awards, Cameron Mathison ran into Bradley Cooper. He thought that Cooper was coming over to say they shared an ex–Jennifer Esposito–but it turned into something much more. Cooper thanked Mathison for being so nice to him at his screen test for All My Children years ago. He said he had never forgotten it.

Ellen: The Surrogate Review

Mathison is starring in the new Lifetime original film, The Surrogate. He plays an author who has a stalker, Kate. Kate does a lot of strange things and becomes the surrogate mother for his child and tries to break up his marriage. Mathison said it’s amazing how much power a person can have by carrying a child.

Ellen: Lifetime Movie Titles

Lifetime is famous for its out of this world movie plots. From stealing babies to contracting ridiculous STDs, Lifetime usually takes what they think are serious, bone chilling thoughts and turns them into laughable 90-minute TV movies.


Ellen and Mathison played a game where she read crazy movie titles and Mathison had to say if they were real or fake. Test your skills:

Answer: they are all real! The Surrogate airs Saturday, March 1 2013 on Lifetime.


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