Ellen: Brittany Snow & Bryce Dallas Howard Call Me Crazy: A Five Film


Ellen: Audience Member Rips Pants While Dancing

When Ellen came back from break she showed a clip of a fan dancing during the commercial break and he had some serious dance moves. Too bad they were so good he ripped his pants on accident and Ellen showed the clip to everyone watching. She made sure to send him home with some Ellen sweatpants though.

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Ellen: Bryce Dallas Howard Directs Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

Ellen: Brittany Snow & Bryce Dallas Howard Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

Ellen talked with Brittany Snow and Bryce Dallas Howard about Call Me Crazy: A Five Film and how the movie has hit home for Howard, who had postpartum depression. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

Jennifer Aniston is producing a new movie on Lifetime, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, so Ellen brought on the star of the film, Brittany Snow, and one of the directors of the movie, Bryce Dallas Howard.

Howard told Ellen the film focuses on mental illness, something she knows a little about. After she gave birth to her first child, Theo, Howard went into a deep postpartum depression. As soon as she had the baby, Howard said she fell into a depression but she had no idea. She didn’t feel the joy she thought she would after she had the baby but she dismissed the feelings. For the next year and a half she lived with postpartum depression without questioning how she felt.


“I didn’t feel normal at all,” Howard said. “I felt ashamed and it kept getting worse.”

Howard finally got help, inadvertently, when she started doing homeopathic treatments for a different illness she was suffering from. The treatment was supposed to change her hormones around a bit and when it started to work, Howard said it was like the world changed her for. Even her friends were making comments about how she was back to normal. Oddly enough, she did not slip into a depression after her second child was born.

Brittany Snow: Love Is Louder Founder

Brittany Snow may have not had any type of mental illness but she did start Love is Louder, an online project that gives anyone who feels mistreated and alone a place to go to talk with other people who feel the same way. She said she started the site to give people a way to talk about their feelings and connect with other people, the only way we should be using the internet.


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