Ellen: Bobby Brown Mourns Whitney Houston & Masterpiece Review


Ellen: Bobby Brown Mourns Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown did not dance at all on his way to his chair, even though Tony played Bobby‘s classic “My Prerogative” from his album Don’t Be Cruel. He seemed somber as he walked to his seat across from Ellen.

“I know this has not been an easy time for you,” Ellen said. “So I appreciate your being here.”


Ellen was of course referencing the recent death of Bobby‘s ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown Mourns Whitney Houston: Ellen

Ellen talked with Bobby Brown, who mourned the recent death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“You and Whitney were together for how long?” Ellen asked.


“We were together for 14 years,” Bobby said.

“And you were close,” Ellen said. “You guys had dinner the week before she passed.”

Bobby said that her death came as a shock to him because she seemed to be doing really well when he saw her.

“She looked wonderful,” Bobby said. “She looked vibrant. She was happy about everything.”

“So you get the call and you performed the night you got the call,” Ellen said. “I think a lot of people looked at that and said, ‘How could you go onstage?'”

“I knew she would want me to perform,” Bobby said. “We are performers. That’s what we do and she would want the best for me.”

“What is it that you’ll miss the most about her?” Ellen asked.

Bobby paused for a moment to contemplate the question.

“Her voice,” he said. “We can hear it everyday, but just to see her sing was amazing.”

Ellen agreed, recalling award shows she hosted at which Whitney performed. She said that Whitney was amazing even during rehearsal.

Ellen: Bobby Brown Masterpiece Review

Ellen showed a clip from the official music video for Bobby Brown‘s new single, “Don’t Let Me Die” from his album Masterpiece. Watch the full video here: Bobby Brown “Don’t Let Me Die” from The Masterpiece official video.

The song seemed really bland and disappointing. That may sound needlessly critical, but this is the same guy who sang, “My Prerogative.” How could he go from something so funky and fun to something so cheesy and banal?

Ellen mentioned that The Masterpiece is the first album Bobby has released in about 14 years.

“It’s a masterpiece,” he said. “I’ve been working on just that long.”

That seemed like a bit of a cop out. Is it rap’s Chinese Democracy? In any case, Ellen rolled with it.

“I feel like Don’t Be Cruel was a great album so to come back from that took me that long,” Bobby said.

That was a slightly confusing thing for him to say. Because Don’t Be Cruel was definitely not his most recent album. It was released in 1988. So unless he misspoke, he seemed to be implying that he considers The Masterpiece to be the first album he’s made since Don’t Be Cruel that features him performing at the same calibre. This would imply that he doesn’t feel as good about the two albums that elapsed between them, Bobby and Forever. Who knows…

Ellen: Bobby Brown Marrying

Ellen pointed out that the woman in the music video for “Don’t Let Me Die” is Bobby‘s fiance, Alicia Etheridge.

“When will you be getting married?” Ellen asked.

“Soon come,” Bobby said.

Ellen was puzzled as to what “soon come” was supposed to mean.

“It’s soon,” Bobby explained. “We’re making plans. Well, she’s making plans.”

“Just wondering why I wasn’t invited,” Ellen teased.

“Ellen, that’s why I told you I have shoes back there,” Bobby said.

“Oh, for the wedding?” Ellen asked.

Bobby said that was correct. Whether any of that was sincere or just a gag was unclear.


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