Ellen: Bethenny Frankel’s Uses For Wine & DIY Skinny Girl Wine Holder


Ellen: Know Or Go Sydney Harbor

The latest from Ellen’s trip to Australia included her game of Know Or Go in the Sydney Harbor. The three ladies would be plunged into 20 degree celsius water, which is boiling right? No? Oh well, I don’t speak Australian.

  • Who mated with Kanye West
  • Who was the star of The Sound Of Music?
  • Who is married to Nicole Kidman?
  • What is New York City’s fruity nickname?
  • Give me three Australian words for drunk?

    Ellen: Bethenny Frankel's Uses For Wine & DIY Skinny Girl Wine Holder

    Bethenny Frankel had home remedies and uses for wine on Ellen. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

All the girls got dunked and it wasn’t pretty. Gabby was particularly upset. She was very afraid of falling into the water, so why did she volunteer for Know Or Go in the Sydney Harbor?


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel

Mommy and talk show host Bethenny Frankel came to bring quick home fixes to Ellen. Everything was green and economical.

When you have half a bottle of Skinny Girl wine left over, freeze them in ice cubes and then you can make sangria or cook with the leftover wine. She said you can also freeze coffee or tea and it won’t dilute your drinks. Bethenny recommends only using wine you would drink when cooking. Another way to freeze things is to put olive oil and your herbs in an ice cube tray. Then you can cook with them and the herbs won’t go bad.

When your mascara gets clumpy on the end of your brush, Bethenny says you don’t have to throw it out! You can just squirt some saline solution on the brush and it will be clumpy no more. My favorite tip Bethenny pulled out was her DIY Skinny Girl wine holder. Just take a hanging shoe holder and hang it in your cupboard. Easy and economical. Thanks, Bethenny.



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