Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Summer Premiere


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Talk Show

When Ellen congratulated Bethenny Frankel for her new Daytime Talk Show, Bethenny told the audience that the whole thing was Ellen‘s idea.

Ellen made it happen for me,” Bethenny said. She explained that it all came about the last time she was on Ellen‘s show. “You said to me on the break, ‘I’d like to make a talk show with you.'”


Ellen: Bethenney Frankel Talk Show

With the new Bethenney Frankel Talk Show coming this summer, Ellen gave the reality star some advice. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel’s Pool Set

Bethenny said she just moved to California for her talk show. She said her family loves it there. She said she bought her daughter Bryn a tiny toy pool for $9.99. She said the pool was an amazing bang for the buck.

“You should get one here!” Bethenny told Ellen. When Ellen seemed reluctant to put a pool on her set, Bethenny said “maybe on my show.”


Ellen agreed, saying “You should put a pool on your show.”

“We might,” Bethenny said. “I’m gonna have some cocktails.”

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Dream Guests

Ellen asked who some of Bethenny Frankel‘s “dream guests” would be on her new daytime talk show.

“I was thinking Justin Bieber,” Bethenny said, “Because maybe one day Bryn will marry him.”

She laughed and said that her guests won’t necessarily always be big stars. “It doesn’t have to be the biggest celebrity in the entire world, present company excluded,” she said, implying that Ellen is the biggest celebrity in the world.

Bethenny said her show will cover a wide range of topics from “sex to marriage to breastfeeding to body issues.”

As an example of the saucy in-your-face nature of her show, Bethenny said that she might ask a guest, “Would you sleep with your boss to get a promotion?”

“How do you think I got this job?” Ellen joked. Soon she started backpedaling a bit and clarifying, “I would never even think to do that in any way to get ahead in life.”

Ellen Gives Bethenny Frankel Advice

Bethenny Frankel asked Ellen for advice about how to run her new daytime talk show.

“My advice to you is to be yourself, to really not be what you think a talk show host should be,” Ellen said. “The only way you’re going to be successful is by being some one they haven’t seen before.”

This seemed like a really cool thing for Ellen to say because it seemed like maybe Bethenny was being told that she needed to run her show just like Ellen‘s.

“You have strong opinions and I think people will relate with that,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Summer Premiere

Unsurprisingly, Ellen also stressed the importance of being genuine and having fun.

“You need to have fun because the audience can sense if you’re having fun,” Ellen said.

“I look forward to going through it with the audience,” Bethenny said.

Bethenny‘s daytime talk show airs this summer on selected Fox stations and Ellen promised that she would come on the show. At the end of the segment, Ellen recommended her fans buy Bethenny‘s popular new book, Skinndipping: A Novel.


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