Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Gives Advice on Pregnancy Hormones & Cravings


Bethenny Frankel Sets Date For Talk Show

Ellen loves her girl Bethenny Frankel. She had a minor dress malfunction when she was trying to do Ellen’s signature sit down and had to rearrange. Even though her mint colored dress was fabulous, it needed a couple inches to be acceptable.

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Gives Advice on Pregnancy Hormones & Cravings

Bethenny Frankel’s talk show will premiere on September 9 2013 in New York City. She gave moms-to-be pregnancy advice on hormones and cravings. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


September 9 2013 is the official start date for Bethenny. She said set design is underway and she is very excited. Ellen said her friend is a big natural with this stuff. Bethenny’s talk show has been coming for a while and Ellen is going to be helping her executive produce the show.

Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Drama Continues

Ellen had to address Bethenny’s divorce. It is the big, sad, neon pink elephant in the room hanging above Bethenny’s head.

“I love you, I know what’s going on and I’m sorry about it,” Ellen said. They shared a best friend moment and kept the details mum.


They both agree that Bryn, Bethenny’s three-year-old, is the most important thing. Divorce is not something you want to go through, but Bethenny did get her daughter out of the relationship. She said she is focusing on loving Bryn right now.

Bethenny Frankel Pregnancy Hormones & Cravings Advice

Bethenny and Ellen went into the audience to talk to the moms-to-be. They had to get one mom out of the bathroom to talk to her.

One mom said that her hormones have her in a bedroom mood all the time. She’s at 31 weeks and Bethenny said that’s normal. The mommy said that her husband is too nervous about the baby and tired to fulfill her needs. Bethenny said to schedule it out and compromise.

Another mom said she was having a lot of unhealthy cravings. Bethenny said her cravings are like terrorists, you can’t negotiate with them. She recommended tasting and not binging.

Ellen gave Bethenny one of the Dana Rebecca designer necklaces she gave all of the moms. Be sure to tune in to Bethenny this fall!


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